10 Home Upgrades That Are Sure to Attract Offers

Potential buyers have certain items that they want in a future home. This can be anything from a pool to hardwood floors. If you are selling a home, it is important to highlight these house features. It can help you to find a potential buyer in less time and allow you to get your asking price. These are the ten most popular upgrades that attract offers.

Energy Efficiency

An energy-efficient home can help save money on your buyer’s bills long after they have purchased the home. Potential homebuyers are focusing on the benefits of an energy efficient home. They will pay a little more money for a house with these features. For example, an old or outdated roof will be significantly less energy-efficient than new roofing with metal roof vents. A home can have an energy assessment done to determine how much energy is used throughout the day. That reading will let your homeowner know what upgrades will be feasible for the home and budget. These audits can be conducted by the local energy provider or private assessment companies in your area. The cost of the audit will vary on the location as well. It may cost a little more upfront, but these upgrades can help close up a sale in no time.

Smart Home Features

Smart homes have been gaining popularity with potential home buyers. These buyers want a house that can take the guesswork out of managing a home. Smart thermostats are one of the most popular items. You can adjust the temperature with the touch of an app. It can help keep heating and cooling costs down. Even door locks can be equipped with smart technology. Some locks do not even require a key for entry. You can enter a pin code or unlock it with your phone. Smart home lighting is must have amenity for potential homeowners. The technology allows a homeowner to lower or increase lighting according to their needs. This can help save money on the home’s electric bills. Many people do not think about solar panels, but they are making their way to your local neighborhood. There are many reasons to install these panels. They are good for the environment and can help to save money. A house with installed solar panels is sure to be a hot commodity on the market.

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are the preferred flooring of many potential buyers. This can be the feature that quickly gets your house off the market. Some home buyers are even ready to pay more for a house with hardwood floors. If you scan any home listing, you will find that hardwood floors are usually listed at the top of the amenities. Many younger buyers are looking for hardwood floors because there is less maintenance than for carpeted floors. Hardwood floors can last for a very long time. Carpets can wear out over the years. They can also attract a lot of dirt. Hardwood floors are stylish and look more luxurious. Easy to clean, trendy, and attractive hardwood floors are sure to get a good price. You can see why potential homeowners prefer this type of floor.

Glass Shower Doors

The main focal point of any bathroom is the shower area. Your shower design sets the tone for the rest of the room. Many potential homeowners want a finished bathroom and will pay for it. They do not want to remodel a bathroom in a newly purchased home. Glass shower doors add a completed look to this space and to the home’s resale value. These doors have clean lines that give a modern look to any bathroom. Glass shower doors are prized by buyers because of their streamlined look, their ease of maintenance and cleaning, and the spa-like atmosphere they give. These doors can be easily purchased from any home hardware store. In less than a weekend, your homeowner can install them. High-quality glass doors can help give the bathroom that luxurious atmosphere for potential buyers.

Patio and Backyard Entertainment Area

An outdoor living space can help you quickly sell your home. These are improvements that many potential homebuyers want in their future home. According to Legion Landscapes, patios are one of the most sought-after amenities on any home buyer’s list. Don’t think you need to install a brand new patio. Your homeowner can refinish the existing space. You can add more lighting and patio furniture for a completed look. The patio space should not take up too much of the backyard. Potential home buyers still do want space for their pets and children to enjoy. Another way to add value to your home is by adding a fire pit. They are easy to design and build. You can use that as another amenity to entice potential buyers.

Home Theater and Gaming Room

Many potential homeowners fall in love with the idea of a gaming or theater room. These rooms are places to enjoy the latest video game or television show. Most rooms are equipped with a large flat screen projector or gigantic television, theater-style seats, adjustable lighting, and even a bar or snack area. You might find a pool table, foosball, or even a deluxe gaming system in a gaming room. These areas are the perfect place to relax or even challenge friends to a game. Buyers are interested in these high tech rooms. A home theater or gaming room is a big selling point for buyers who want the latest gadgets in their new home.

Dedicated Laundry Room

Laundry rooms are making their way in the world. Gone are the days of doing laundry in a dimly lit basement. Potential home buyers want laundry rooms that are convenient and dedicated to one space. Most laundry rooms are located on the main floor near a kitchen or mudroom. The location is another important factor as well. You do not want a laundry room next to the sleeping areas of the house. That might actually turn off potential buyers. It should be far from the bedrooms so the machines do not disturb anyone while they might be sleeping or recreating. The dedicated laundry room should have separate water and electric hookups to the machines. The best laundry rooms also have excellent ventilation. These factors are important to the home buyer. They do not want to repair a faulty hookup for their new home. Your home seller should think about adding extra storage space to the laundry room. That may be enough to help close on a potential sale.

Pool and Hot Tub

Spas and pools can add value to any house. These built-in features are definitely on the “must-have” list of any potential buyer. You want to be certain that the pool and spa are in working order as well. Potential buyers can be turned off by high maintenance bills of a pool or hot tub. These amenities should be fully functional and connected to the home’s water system. In some suburban markets, potential buyers are looking for built-in pools and spas as an added luxury. These water upgrades can increase the home’s value by 50 percent. The home’s location can play a big factor as well. Hot tubs and spas are major selling factors in colder climates. Swimming pools attract buyers in warmer climates. Permanent plant and stone landscaping add beauty to the outdoor space. These features can also give a more customized look to the pool and spa area.

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Garage and Storage Space

A garage and storage space can give your house an edge over the competition. Many homeowners are adding a shed to their property. A shed is a separate space that can attract any buyer. These storage sheds have many different uses for a potential buyer. Some buyers are even looking for a shed to use as an extra living space. Don’t forget the growing popularity of “she sheds” and “man caves” as a selling point too. Garages are also highly prized by potential buyers. They serve a dual purpose for many buyers. Potential buyers want a safe and secure garage to park their vehicle at night. They also are looking for some extra storage space for their belongings or tools. Attached garages attract even more attention from buyers too.

Finished Basement

Finished basements can add a little more living space to a home. This can attract potential buyers who are looking to add an extra bedroom, workout space, or entertainment area. A finished basement space allows the buyer to use their imagination and see how they can utilize the space. Walk-out finished basements are the most valuable of all the spaces. They often have full-size windows and glass doors. Buyers want a space that allows a lot of natural light to shine through the room. A partial drop-in grade basement may allow you to still have full-size windows. These basements do not have full-size entries from the outside, though. A non-walkout basement consists of four walls and no natural light from the outside. This basement is often considered the less attractive option of all finished basements. Regardless of the kind of basement that you have, if it is finished it will bring a lot more value to your home than an unfinished basement. If a buyer can envision an area that will work for them, they will want to close on the house.

These ten amenities can help you to quickly sell a home. If the owner installs them before placing the house on the market, it is sure to increase the value and bring in the potential offers. When you place a listing, you need to make sure to draw attention to these features of the home. You will have potential buyers lining up in no time.

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