3 Home Features That Can Be a Major Selling Point Among Potential Buyers

When you show a buyer a home, it can be difficult to know what all to talk about. You don’t have a lot of time to really show off the home, so you need to be smart about what you emphasize. You need to know what it is that buyers are looking for. Highlighting these features as you show homes to buyers will help you close deals faster and for better prices. Here are three key features that buyers love.

Energy Efficiencies

Nobody likes to pay their utility bills. Especially when these bills seem to be exorbitantly high. By showing buyers the energy efficiencies of the home, they will be more interested in purchasing it. A large amount of heating and cooling savings come from improved glass-performance. Other eco-friendly features include, led lights, energy efficient appliances, extra insulation, and renewable energy sources. These features will do more than just help the buyer save money. They will also help reduce their impact on the environment.

Walk-In Pantry and Closets

Walk-in storage is really nice. You can store so much more stuff in these rooms. A walk-in closet will allow you to fit all your clothes in one space and give you a separate place to change. Walk-In pantries will help you keep more food close at hand. The walk-in design makes reaching different items much easier and more convenient. They also give a home a much more luxurious feel. For these reasons buyers are especially interested in these types of rooms.

Pools and Hot Tubs

If you’re selling a home in a place with hot summers, pools are huge selling points. A pool gives your buyer a place to cool off during the summer. They are also great for hosting parties and get togethers. Being the only one with a pool in your neighborhood makes you an almost instant celebrity. While a pool may not be so nice in a cold environment, a hot tub is. It carries a lot of the same benefits of a pool but in a smaller size. Many homeowners enjoy putting a TV near their hot tubs so that they can enjoy watching a show or game while relaxing.

By highlighting these features in a home, you will help your buyer find the perfect fit for their needs. If the home you are selling doesn’t have these features, see if you can make a few quick changes to incorporate them. Keep in mind that property value can change quickly with the right additions and improvements.

Of course what’s the point of having these features if you don’t show them off in your listing? If you want the best quality photos of your home, then ask us about our ultra HDR photography!