3 Things You Can Do to Make Your Client’s Move Easier

If there is one thing that real estate agents know, it’s that moving is a hassle. This is likely one of the most stressful times for their client. Making a great impression is easy if you offer to assist them through this grueling process. Make suggestions, and point them towards solutions they did not know were available to them. If you can assist them with things like packing, consolidating and locating a good moving, then you have likely made a friend for life. Not only have you won them, but they are sure to let their friends and family know how amazing you are gaining you the referrals you need to close another sale.

Ease Their Burden

While your client are packing, suggest that they sell their unwanted items. This will not only make them a few bucks, but they aren’t paying to move something they don’t want. A new house is a fresh start, no sense carrying old baggage. SpareFoot recommends holding a pre-move estate sale to get everything out of the way in one go.

You can also partner with a professional cleaner and offer their services as a move-out gift. This is a great way to take the stress off. Your client won’t have to worry so much on how to ready the home for sale as they do about their move. Who wants to clean a house they are leaving? Just offer to have the home cleaned for them and watch the stress levels drop.

Lastly, offering your client a list of often-needed and trusted professionals in their new area can save them a ton of frustration and time. Movers, plumbers, landscaping and interior designers are just a few things they may need. Also, make sure they know what the utility number is and if they have children what schools they are zoned for, as well as those numbers.

Be Transparent and Available

Moving Company Reviews points out that people are looking for an agent who can use current market data, is available at the right time, and understands the local market conditions. No one expects you to be on call 24/7, but being available and being able to explain the current market data when your client has a need or a question is important. Know their schedule, ask questions and offer solutions to assist in getting their needs met. This will not only win you their trust, but it will make your job a whole lot easier.  

Close the Deal, Not the Door

You may want to consider getting a huge bow for the front door of their new home and be there to welcome them home. Take some photos with them on the day of closing and send them a copy. Inman recommends doing a one week and one month follow up after the fact to check on your clients. Also, add them to your holiday card list, along with any special dates and holidays like birthdays or their wedding anniversary.

Ultimately, you want them to understand that you are happy for them, they can count on you, and that you care. It’s all about the personal touch!
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