4 Tips for Staging a Beachside Property

Every real estate agent knows the importance and effectiveness of staging a property on the market. Normally the stage is set to showcase the rooms using a minimum of furniture to evoke their spaciousness. This way the potential buyers can imagine the space filled with their personal items. Staging a beach house is no exception, but the addition of a few waterfront-themed items will help the potential buyers see themselves living life on the beach.

Consider Potential Buyers

First and foremost, the most important thing you’ll want to consider is the age and family status of potential buyers . This can influence the materials and accessories you utilize when staging a beachside property. For example, if you’re trying to attract buyers with children, you might use more childish decorations in certain bedrooms. You should also consider how many rooms are for rent and how they will be used when staging a property. You don’t want to have any personalized items like family photos on display either, as those could deter the buyer. A buyer wants to imagine what their own family could be doing inside the property, and that can be difficult when traces of another family are still there.

Add Aquatic Amenities

When staging beachfront property, simple, inexpensive inflatable water toys can be effectively utilized to evoke the proximity of the beach. Strategically place a beach ball or two, a couple of inflatable rings—with or without real or fictional aquatic animal heads—and a few sets of inflatable arm life jackets. The bright colors used in these beach accessories will provide the pop of color that makes a staged property really shine. One way to display these inflatable décor items is to pile them in an oversized basket or repurposed toy box near the entrance. Another way to display them is to hang them from individual coat hooks.

Beachside Decorating and Color Schemes

One of the most popular color schemes in beach houses is the use of tones of blue and gray set off in a sea of white. Sometimes red is used as an accent. Paint walls a pristine white and add horizontal-striped curtains in blue and white. Add a few touches of gray and red in pillows and cushions piled upon a sofa covered in a bright shade of blue. A sisal rug is a classic floor covering that will anchor the seating area and give the room a finished look.

Nautical Accessories

A few well-placed nautical accessories will complete the look for the beach house. It can be as simple as an oar hung between two hooks mounted on the wall, a nautical compass or ships’ clock in the kitchen. Fishing nets draped on a large expanse of wall and seashells complete the nautical feel. If you want to give the property a more local feel, bring in some pictures of local marinas, some local shells, tide maps, or other items that showcase the charm of the location of the beachside property.

By following tips like the ones above, staging a beachside property can be very simple and straightforward. Adding aquatic amenities, nautical accessories, and a shore-front color scheme make a beachside property look and feel like it’s on the beach.

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