6 Things Every Online Real Estate Listing Should Have

If you are a real estate agent trying to sell a property, it’s essential to differentiate yourself from the crowd and draw in as many online viewers as possible. The real estate market is booming and with so many houses on the market, how do you stand out above your competitors? Or, if you are selling your home by yourself, how do you make it stand out? 

To achieve the best results you need a multi-pronged approach. It’s not an easy task to market your listing in a way that will “wow” potential buyers. Here are six real estate tips to get your listing noticed.

Take Mind-Blowing Photos

A picture says a thousand words and you only have one shot to make a first impression. Studies have shown, that after the price, the second thing that grabs a buyer’s attention is the online video and photography of the property. If you want your online listing to stand-out, focus on taking stunning pictures of the homes best characteristics. These amenities could be a huge gourmet kitchen, a beautifully manicured backyard, or pool. Instead of taking amateur photos from your mobile phone, invest in a nice camera if you can’t afford a professional photographer. You can also create a virtual tour using photos and other tricks to help potential investors or buyers to feel like they’ve been there themselves. Incredible pictures will catch the eye of anyone quickly scanning through listings.

Facts and Features

In the sea of home listings, buyers are looking for specific details of the property. Instead of vaguely stating that the home has a remodeled kitchen, state the brand names of the appliances and any upgrades including granite countertops. Being as detailed as possible will make the house more appealing to those who are searching for specific amenities. Don’t leave out any extras such as oversized closets, square footage, a new roof, or updated flooring. A bonus would be to include the floor plans in the listing. This is doubly true for apartment listings. With the rise of luxury apartments more people want to see the special features of a place. If your piece of real estate has those features  then it’s key to list them.


Put yourself in the homebuyer’s shoes. If you were moving to a new area, wouldn’t you want to know more about your surrounding neighborhood? Every online listing should have as much information on the city as possible. List all of the schools in the area, and if they are award-winning mention it. Give a solid overview of the community including nearby hospitals, and kid-friendly facilities. You can also include pictures or links on the listing for the neighborhood attractions or utility websites. Neighborhood information will help buyer’s make an informed decision that they feel comfortable with.

Square Footage

The actual size of the home matters to most buyers and many want an accurate figure. Unfortunately, the square footage is often wrong. The square footage of a home is not something that should be taken lightly. Square footage has a lot to do with the property’s value. Tax assessors, appraisers, and insurers use it. According to the National Association of Realtors, for every 1,000 square feet you add, you are increasing your property value by over 3%. Before adding it to your online real estate listing, make sure you and the seller have done your due diligence to validate the size of the home.

Smart SEO

Search engine optimization is vital if you want your listing to get noticed online. Since 2016, real estate statistics claimed that over 80% of buyers search for the home of their dreams online. They want to know every detail about the house before they waste their time and look at it. This includes information on square footage, the floor plans, and any problems or issues. There’s also certain software or programs that can help you use technology to show off the listing in 3D, or having the ability to create floor plans online like adding furniture to see if your stuff will fit, or how to maximize the space. Thorough keyword research and phrases are essential for getting your listing noticed online. Use phrases that narrowly define your listing so your target audience can easily find it in a search engine. Keyword phrases should be between two to four words long and include the neighborhood, city, state, and location of the home. Take the time to think about what your potential buyer is likely searching for. Work those key phrases into your online marketing materials and listing.

Call to Action

The purpose of a call to action is to elicit a response from an interested home shopper. Most online listing ads typically include an email, phone number, or link for the potential buyer to contact you. They need to know who to contact to schedule a showing or ask more questions concerning the property. And if you’re offering that much information anyway, you may as well let google create some local ads for you.

Being a real estate agent requires persistence and perseverance. You have to work hard daily to make that sale happen. The more deals you make, the more relationships and referrals you’ll forge. Taking the time to create professional online listings and learning from your mistakes will only lead to future success.