Twilight Photography

If you want your property to sell faster, it needs some WOW photos. Something a potential buyers can’t even see when they are at the property in person. BAM! Twilight Photography! We have years of capturing properties after sunset. This kind of photography is very challenging as there is very little light and a very small time window to capture the awesome WOW photos. In addition to our experience we have superior editing techniques and know how to make your property look awesome. 

This type of photography is best for homes that have great exterior lighting and large windows and sliders in the rear of the property. More windows and light results in better twilight photos. It is also ideal for properties with a lighter exterior (houses with dark exteriors don’t typically turn out well). We start shooting the property about 20-30 minutes after the sun has set and continue to capture photos for another 10-15 minutes after that. Giving a very small time window to capture awesome twilight photos.

Check out some the photos below. If you have questions we are only a webchat or phone call away.

Premium evening photography taken right after sunset. 5 – 10 pictures retouched and delivered 24 – 48 hours after end of shoot.