Virtual Renovation & Redecorating

Starting @ $80 per Photo

We can virtually renovate and redecorate any photo.

When the tenant or homeowners furniture or design doesn’t fit with a potential buyer’s decor. We can make it happen.

We can turn a photo into any kind of a room you would like it to be. Almost anything you can envision can be done.

Virtual Renovation and Redecorating Pricing 

Partial Renovation starts @ $80 per photo includes changes below. Any additional Charges as listed.  Only your selected details will be changed. Anything not detailed will be kept the same.

Internal Renovation: Paint Walls, Paint Ceiling, Paint Doors, Virtual Staging Add Furniture, Replace Flooring, Complete Kitchen or Bathroom Fit Out +$40, Add, Remove or Replaced Walls +$40

Exterior Renovation: Color Change Exterior Features, Replace Driveway, Virtual Staging, Replace Roof +$20, Add Landscaping +$30, Add Pool +$60

Full Renovation starts @ $99 per photo includes changes below. Any additional Charges as listed. Fully changing the image to selected style and keeping camera view the same.

Please contact us for scheduling any Virtual Renovation and Redecorating so we can provide you with the best possible final price. Both of these processes are much more complicated than Virtually Staging and take much more editing time resulting in different costs than standard Virtual Staging.