Virtual Staging

Only $50 per photo

We can virtually stage any photo. What better way than to provide a property with virtual furniture helping a potential buyer envision living in the property.

By using virtual staging you are giving dimensions to a room and helping someone see the rooms function. Empty rooms are very hard for most people to see what it will look like with furniture.

We recommend printing the virtually staged photos on foamboard and displaying the photo in the room to show visitors what the room would look like when they place furniture in it. 

Virtual Staging is done per photo and not per room. Any rooms shown within the photo you select will be staged.

Virtual Staging pricing is based on an empty room or rooms. Any rooms within a photo will be virtual staged for the one price per photo of $50 or 3 photos for $120.

Items can be removed if the room is not empty. This will incur an additional charge of $5 for 1 – 2 items removed and $10 for 3 – 5 items removed.

Virtual Staging Furniture Styles

Modern Comtemporary
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