Bathroom Features Home Buyers Love to See

When selling your home, there are a few points that have the potential to really draw in potential buyers. One of these is an updated, modern bathroom. Here are some of the most sought-after bathroom features on today’s market.

A Separate Bath and Shower

If you don’t already have a separate bath and shower in the master bathroom, consider doing a little remodeling. Today’s home buyers are looking for a home that feels like a retreat. With that in mind, try to make the bathroom feel like a spa. Walk-in showers with glass doors and no curb are a must these days. The thicker glass and reduced hardware of European shower doors feel bougie and are more durable at the same time. Consider adding mosaic tiles and chic hardware for the perfect finish. And the bigger, the better! In addition to the walk-in shower, many people want the option to soak in an oversized tub. This can be built in and jetted, or, for extra finesse, install a posh free-standing tub.


Today’s bathroom tiles aren’t just about easy maintenance. They can also make a big statement. There are all kinds of patterns, shapes, and colors of tile. Tiles can be used to make a bathroom look roomier or feel more cozy. Adding texture to your tiles is a great way to create a unique look while also making your bathroom floors safer. Installing textured tiles in your bathroom can prevent slipping. Porcelain and ceramic tile can be made to look like anything. Natural-looking tiles such as those made to look like wood and stone are huge right now. There are myriad varieties of textured tiles to choose from, from subway tiles to pebble tiles. Have fun with your design and make a statement!

Creative Light Fixtures

Modern and interesting lighting is a trend all over the house, and the bathroom is no exception. Changing the lighting is also one of the easiest ways to improve your bathroom’s aesthetic. Lighting can add to any look, from sleek and modern to luxurious and highly decorative. For the former, go with smooth lines, black fixtures, and a minimalistic approach. For the latter, there are no rules against installing a lavish chandelier from the ceiling! Once you have determined the general design of your bathroom, use the lighting to embellish the look. Your bathroom may not seem like the most important room to spruce up for a sale. However, an updated bathroom will go a long way toward impressing potential buyers. If you have it in your budget, consider upgrading your bathroom before putting your home on the market. Check out this article on energy efficient features that buyers might like!