Best Ways to Communicate with Your Clients as a Realtor

Managing client information and communication is your most important role as a realtor. Different customers may have different communication preferences, forcing you to reconsider your traditional modes of communication. Skilled realtors can adapt to each client’s communication and help them feel informed throughout the home selling process.


This is by far the most common mode of communication. Sending emails has a lot of advantages and works if your client is on their computer often for work. They can see your messages and easily send digitized documents back to you with ease. It also allows them to respond at their convenience.

Emailing is highly discouraged in other situations. Some people may not see your emails if they have a lot of spam coming in. People won’t receive notifications that you tried to contact them, so you may have to follow up more frequently. It also can cause the housing process to move slower.


Sending a text message has become more common in the professional world within the last decade. This allows for quicker, easy-access communication. It takes 90% of smartphone users 3 minutes or less to read a text message. You can also view whether clients have read your messages, making follow up easier.

Texting provides a couple of downsides you may want to keep in mind. It can be harder to type complex messages over text. It can also be impractical to send documents to other people over the phone, which may be necessary as a realtor. These are instances where you may have to send an email to the client and then notify them about the email through text.

Consistent Phone Calls

If you have clients who prefer phone calls for communication, this offers other advantages and disadvantages. Calling on the phone will allow you to instantly give information to the client. You can inform them about your plans, follow up, and ask for the paperwork by email immediately.

However, some clients may not answer their phones because of the numerous spam calls that are out there. You also may not reach them at all—giving less information than a complicated email. Consider making an organized plan for when you will call your clients so they are aware of when you are trying to reach them.

Figure out which form of communication works for your client. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of your communication plan can help you prepare and inform your customers. You can make their experience clearer and more efficient.

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