Careers Related to Real Estate You Should Explore

Working in real estate doesn’t mean you have to settle for just one type of career. The real estate market has dozens of moving parts, and all of them need qualified individuals who are passionate about real estate. If you’ve always wanted a career in real estate, consider one of these options.

Mortgage Loan Originator

One lesser known career option in the real estate market is a mortgage loan originator. These individuals obtain the loans people need to purchase property. This is an absolutely essential step within the real estate process, so you’ll be deeply involved in real estate here. If you decide this is the path for you, there are a few steps of training and certification that are required before you can begin work. First, you’ll need to be over 18 years of age. Next, you need to register with the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry (NMLS) in order to obtain an NMLS number. This registers you as a practicing member of the real estate market. Then, you’ll need to complete a 20-hour training course, and pass a national exam. Afterwards, you can get a job with a company or do this job on your own.

Real Estate Agent

This option is the one most people are familiar with. A real estate agent is the middle man between the buyer and the seller of real estate properties. You can either work in commercial or residential real estate as a real estate agent. In this position, you’ll show your clients properties in their price range and with the amenities they’re looking for. Then you’ll negotiate an offer and go through the selling process with the buyer. Your pay will be commission on a percentage of the cost of the house. Different states require their own standards for getting a real estate license. However, wherever you live, you’ll also need to complete coursework and pass a national exam.

Real Estate Appraiser

A real estate appraiser also has an important job within the buying and selling process. As an appraiser, you’ll assess the market value of properties before they go on the market. You can also choose to go the commercial or residential route with this career path. Job responsibilities include visiting properties to record their characteristics, then working out of an office to do more calculations. This job requires a lot of research into a home’s history and characteristics. The value you come up with will be used for loans and taxes. As an appraiser, you’ll also need to obtain a professional license. Once again, the requirements vary by state.

If you’ve always wanted to work in real estate but don’t know where to start, worry not! The real estate market is full of a variety of careers that cater to every different specialty. These are just a few of the careers you can choose from in the real estate market.

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