Commercial Aerial Videography

Starting @ $400

Selling land and properties faster and increasing viewing and customer traffic is improved by showing your business property from the sky. Ultra sharp and top notch aerial drone videography shows your properties’ nearness to close to other businesses, streets, highlights, traffic, different organizations, shopping areas and lodgings.

Commercial Aerial Videography has been used in the movies for many years although never made its way into real estate due to the overall cost. Not only has price decreased significantly making this possible, the quality has also improved dramatically due to technology innovation.

Commercial Aerial Videography can be thought as 60 photos per second. With so many photos moving we are able to capture and create an awesome visual of the property location.  

Pinnacle Real Estate Marketing use drone quadcopters having the most recent cameras to capture 20 megapixel pictures and Ultra-HD 4K recordings from the air. Our drones can fly up to 400ft taking smooth video and photographs of your property. This kind of media is not available anywhere as google maps and google earth only provide still images and no movie video. This still photography information is also from 1 to 5 years of age.

Please Be Patient While The High Resolution Media Loads