Commercial Photography

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Commercial Photography differs from residential photography in a few aspects. Residential photography is delivered with a short term limited license that expires when a property sells. This photography can be used for any purpose that is part of marketing and selling that specific residential property and only used until that property sells.

On the other hand, commercial photography have less licensing restrictions. They have broader permissions and longer usage terms. For example if we were to capture a restaurant, these images would be used to promote the business itself and not the property for sale. This photography would be used for many different purposes from menus, flyers, website and others. A commercial license allows for this use. 

Commercial in most cases is designed to generate revenue for the user of the photography vs just the sale of a property. 

Commercial photography is also used to sell and marketing commercial properties. This photography also has a longer life as commercial properties generally does not sell in 45 days as commercial properties are sold to a business that is just starting up or relocating to the area. This occurs less often than residential

Commercial Photography Gallery

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