Common Reasons People Move to a New State

With an average of 3 million interstate moves each year, the United States is a nation that is truly on the move. The reasons people move can be as varied as the people involved, but there are a few reasons that tend to be more typical than others. 

Here are three common reasons people move to a new state. 

Lower Cost of Living

Affordability is a major factor in why people move. People are constantly looking for a lower cost of living as a way to stretch their income a bit further. Because each state within our country is so diverse, there can be a significant difference in affordability from state to state

Of course, the top states where people are fleeing are also some of the priciest. These include California, New York, and Massachusetts. Over 100 thousand households fled California in 2021 alone. Many residents of this state are relocating to Texas and Idaho.

Better Weather

People who live in sunny, warm climates don’t understand the toll that cold, dark weather can take on people. Seasonal Affective Disorder afflicts around 10 million people nationwide–with most of these living in wet, dark climates. For these people, escaping the cold weather could literally be a matter of life or death. 

On the other hand, some people tire of the heat and yearn for someplace where they can experience all four seasons. And, of course, there are those people who would do anything to experience more snow! Finally, some people seek out better weather for health reasons. For example, many people with long COVID-19 suffer from shortness of breath. These people can benefit from mild climates with clean air.

Employment Opportunities

Of course, the biggest reason people move is for an employment opportunity. This could be a new job with a fresh company or it could be a relocation with a current company. Either way, regardless of personal preference, people have to go where they can find work. Once again, job growth rates vary by state. The highest job growth in the US in 2022 is in Texas, while the state with the lowest job growth this year is Kansas. 

There are many reasons why people move: to be closer to family, to enjoy a favorite hobby, or to escape natural disasters. However, the majority of moves occur for one of three reasons: Either they want a lower cost of living, they need better weather, or to take a new employment opportunity. 

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