Energy Efficient Features That Buyers Might Like

If you are considering a remodel with hopes to sell in the next few years, you need to know what to do to make your home both what you need now, and what will be appealing to purchasers later. But, what kind of remodeling can make it appealing to future owners? And what can make your life better now, in the meantime?

An Energy Star Rating

Having an energy star rating means your appliances are not uncommon now that the government wants to encourage everyone to save energy in their homes. This can include refrigerators and freezers, but also dishwashers and other electrical devices. You might not realize it, but your windows also should fall under the energy star rating system! If they’ve been installed in the last three decades, they should fall under energy star format. But, if you have an older home, replacements might be needed.  

Renewable Energy

Geothermal energy systems can cut heating and cooling costs by 70%. It’s possible to install even if it is not the original heating and cooling system of the house. Likewise, there are many solar panel options available. If you don’t want to use those owned by your energy company, it’s possible to purchase your own. Increasingly, banking institutions are willing to give loans for your home to install solar. This can make sure that your home and pocketbook both get increased efficiency, rather than supporting the needs of the electric company. This looks great for future homeowners, too!

Small Measures

You probably already know that most of the climate change issues the world is experiencing are corporate based. But there are small things you can do around your home which increase your efficiency. Making sure to use halogen, LED, or fluorescent bulbs wherever possible is a great idea! Making sure your insulation in your attic is a foot deep is also important! Having curtains in cold rooms can block both the child from coming in, and your heat or cooling from escaping into the outdoor air.

Putting pressure on your government officials to make sure that corporate groups are not destroying the environment is a good overall plan! But, in the meantime, there are small measures and larger remodels which can make your home both more efficient, and more appealing in the future. Having energy upgrades which make windows and appliances work efficiently is a big draw for those looking to purchase homes.

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