Factors That Can Detract Buyers From Your Home

In a difficult seller’s market, you need to know just what exactly most buyers are looking for. Many different things can affect a potential buyer’s opinion of your property, but some of them are more common worries than others. Here is a quick list of the basic things you’ll need to take care of.

A Poor Location

Regardless of the house, the buyers will first check to see if they like the location. Oftentimes they won’t even look at houses in an undesirable part of your state or city. Usually, bad buying locations include those with only lower-income work available, higher crime, lower-quality schools, and even problems related to the natural state of the land. This might include polluted air or water. Unfortunately, there is not a whole lot you can personally do to improve the overall location of your property. But you can make your house stick out as a higher-quality option than those around it.


While this may seem like a small thing in the context of the entire home, first impressions are extremely important. If you manage to obtain somebody who is interested, and they come through and take a tour of the home, the visual mess of everyday life can be a serious deterrent. Why? Home buyers like to see a home clear of clutter so they can imagine themselves living there. Regardless of the actual state of the property, even if it is entirely fixed up, the truth is that people unconsciously will want something that looks good. An aesthetically and spatially pleasing interior will ultimately do more than an updated HVAC system (although that side of selling a home is still important).

Unrepaired Parts

Speaking of the HVAC system – you need to review the vital elements of your property that allow people to live comfortably. This will also include the paint job, the plumbing, the electrical system, the roof, the sealing of the windows and doors, the heating, and the insulation. It also might include even more internal systems, depending on upgrades that the house has had. Again, pay special attention to aesthetic elements that could make a strong impression. If a potential buyer sees that one or multiple parts of the home need to be repaired, that means that they will need to spend even more money and time on the property after they’ve bought it.

There are many things that can discourage someone looking to buy a house. Some factors will simply be out of your control, but pay careful attention to the aspects you can. It’s up to you to invest the time, money, and work necessary to make your property the absolute best it can be.

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