Features That Buyers Won’t Compromise On

Today’s home buyers are more selective and more informed about their options than ever before. They often spend hours online looking at photos of available homes to get an idea of what they want. While there may be some new home qualities home buyers are willing to do without, for most there are certain features they just won’t compromise on.

More Than One Bathroom

Whether you’re helping a single buyer or a large family find a home, they’re likely to even consider a place with no more than one bathroom. The ensuite bath, or bathroom attached to the owner’s bedroom, is especially popular, since it provides a private retreat away from children or guests. For larger families, a second bathroom is necessary to make busy mornings manageable. Even for a single person, an extra half bath or powder room can make life easier or accommodate guests.

Central Heating and Cooling

Another must-have home feature is central heating and cooling to provide comfort year-round. With this goal, a split system is the most efficient way of heating and cooling a home. A split system places the heating equipment indoors, while the cooling unit is located outside. Both units share a central delivery system to send heated or cooled air to all parts of the home.

A programmable thermostat allows for a person to adjust the temperature for optimal heating or cooling any time of the day or night. Split systems are quiet, energy efficient, and easier to maintain. Many units can be customized with air purifiers or humidifiers.

An Updated Kitchen

The kitchen remains the heart of the home. For this reason, an updated kitchen is at the top of every home buyers’ wish list. An open floor plan, combining the kitchen with a family room or dining area, is most desirable, but even in older homes with smaller square footage, kitchen updates can give people the room and comfort home buyers are looking for.

At minimum, an updated kitchen will have newer appliances, a spacious refrigerator-freezer with an icemaker, and sturdy countertops. Quartz or granite are the most sought-after countertops, but other materials are also popular.

As you work with home buyers, you’ll see that many already have a good idea of the qualities they want in their dream home. While you may be able to talk them down from a few features, there are certain ones like these that home buyers won’t compromise on!

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