Features That Home Buyers Won’t Be Able to Resist

The housing market is always a tricky area to navigate. Home prices fluctuate according to the housing demand and a home can be significantly over or undervalued based on the features it boasts. When preparing to sell a home, it is important to look at what the home offers to potential buyers. Square footage isn’t the only attractive element of a home. Increase interest by adding features to a home that buyers won’t be able to resist. 

Green Features 

As technology improves, green living has become increasingly popular. It not only saves the environment by reducing the user’s carbon footprint, but it also increases the home’s efficiency, lowering utility costs. Homes that offer green features attract buyers because they are features that pay for themselves. The idea of purchasing a home for a little extra to save on future utility bills is very attractive. Best of all, the buyer doesn’t have to install these features. Green features in a home include solar panels, energy efficient windows and doors, and smart thermostats. Increasing a home’s green features will be a profitable selling point for interested buyers. 

Open Floor Plans 

Another popular feature for home buyers is a home that has an open floor plan. An open floor plan affects how an individual feels in terms of light, mood, and sound. Open plans bring in more light making the space feel bigger. This type of floor plan also encourages the transfer of soundwaves, making it easier to communicate with whomever is in the room. This makes it easy for intimate settings or hosting parties. Open floor plans are easily adjustable to an individual’s lifestyle and furniture arrangements. With an improved traffic flow and ease of adjustability, home buyers appreciate this type of plan because they can better customize it to their needs and their lifestyle. 

A Completed Attic 

A completed attic not only increases the value of the home, but it also improves its insulation and utility. Completing an attic increases the storage space a home has while protecting belongings from mold, humidity, and other environmental factors. If zoning rules permit, a completed attic can also be used to create an additional living space. Instead of a home having three bedrooms, a completed attic adds a fourth bedroom. Finishing an attic is also much less expensive than adding an extra room or completing an addition to the home. Attract home buyers and increase the home’s value by investing in a completed attic. 


A backyard deck often has high desirability and even higher resale value for prospective homeowners. People love spending time outside, and they love when they can bring social gatherings with them. A deck gives homeowners space to relax and also lets them throw parties at their home. Adding a deck to relax in the sun, host parties, entertain dinner guests, and even host a picnic is the perfect summertime activity. Home buyers love to imagine their life in a new home and having a deck feature is the perfect element to begin their imagination process. 


One of the best projects for increasing a home’s value with little investment is through landscaping. NAR estimates that lawn care recovers 267% of associated costs. Buyers would much rather pay for completed landscaping than completing it themselves.  A nicely mowed lawn, pruned hedges, and removal of undergrowth will go a long way in increasing the home’s curb appeal. When completing your landscaping, be sure to introduce plants that are native to your region to promote plant life without too much maintenance. 

Outdoor Lighting 

Once you have created a work of art with landscaping and a deck, the final touch homeowners cannot resist is outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting improves a yard’s aesthetic, increases visibility, and promotes security. These are features homebuyers don’t think they want until it is made available to them. 

Today, LED lighting and solar-powered products provide a great resource for being energy efficient, reducing costs, and increasing the lifespan of accented lighting. If you hope to add character and life to your backyard with hanging or installed lights, there are options available for every budget. 

A Finished Basement 

A finished basement is a major feature future home buyers want. Home’s that have an unfinished basement waste space and utility. Finishing your basement is a small investment that generates a huge return. When the usable square footage increases, the home value likewise increases. The average return on investment for a finished basement is 75%. Increase your home’s value and usable square footage by finishing your basement. If you are unsure of what features to add to your basement, consult a builder for numerous ways you can renovate the space to benefit your lifestyle. 

Office Space 

Today, more companies are moving work positions permanently online. Small business owners are also operating out of their homes instead of renting retail space. Because of this, residents have found the benefit of a home office space even more useful and a popular addition to attract home buyers. If there is a small room that is tight for a bedroom, consider converting it into a designated office space. Built in bookshelves and a desk can go a long way in making the space feel productive, efficient, and increase the home’s desirability. A significant feature for a home office space also includes a separate entrance from the rest of the house. This makes it easy for small businesses to meet with customers in a professional environment. 

Ultimately, a buyer wants to see themselves and their family living in the home they are shown. They want to have a place move-in ready with little to no requested changes. Individuals live busy lives, and it is worth their time to pay for a space they don’t have to renovate. When a home contains features buyers are already hoping for, it increases the home’s desirability and consequential value. For a small price, you can add features to a home that buyers won’t be able to resist.

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