Follow These 4 Tips to Get Your Home Off the Market Faster

Are you selling a home and the ultimate goal is to get it off the market as quickly as possible? If so, follow these four tips to get the home off the market faster. In doing so, completing tasks, including cleaning out clutter and personal belongings from the home you’re selling, will take priority. Read on to see what else you need to accomplish to achieve your goal of a fast sale.

Don’t Neglect Your Landscaping

You’ll be accomplishing two goals when cleaning the home’s yard and giving it a welcoming appearance. Not only will potential buyers see a gorgeous yard and a driveway without pavement cracks, but you’ll also add up to five percent more value to the home. Additional ideas for bringing attention to the landscaping include investing in a new mailbox, adding walkways, fixing the siding and making sure your pavement is perfect. Make sure your trees are trimmed up, and clear out any dead wood, or stumps that might make your yard look ugly.

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Work on Painting Projects

When visiting the home, potential buyers want to see fresh paint inside and out. In addition to adding a neutral tone to the interior and exterior of the house, you have the opportunity to remove smudges and fingerprints. Adding a color that’s bold to the front door also draws the eye to the entrance and further adds to the property’s curb appeal.

Your Prices Must Be Intelligent

According to experts, if you want the home to sell quickly, it must feature the right sales price. You could scare prospective buyers away if the price is too high or if it’s featuring an amount that’s too low, you could lose money. Under some circumstances, if the pricing isn’t correct, prospective buyers will avoid going to your open house. Your best recourse is working with an agent with experience to determine reasonable pricing.

Spruce Up Your Interior

When you work on cleaning out clutter and personal belongings from the home you’re selling, it allows potential buyers to see themselves better in the home. The recommendation is that homeowners rent a storage room for their personal items until their house sells. In doing so, it’s possible to stage the house better.

Aside from placing items in storage, now is also an excellent time to get rid of unwanted items in your home. Decluttering will not only make your home more attractive to potential buyers, but it will also make it easier for you to move into your new home. Rather than adding unwanted items to local landfills, donate gently used items to a donation center near you. That way, you can clear clutter and feel good about what you’re doing.

Have you thought about working with a professional staging company? If all else fails and cleaning out clutter and personal belongings from the home you’re selling seems too overwhelming, they’ll work with you to make your home showcase-ready. And if you feel like it is best to just empty the house of most of your things, Pinnacle Real Estate Marketing has you covered. We can virtually stage your home for you to help potential buyers see just what they are able to do with the house space you’re selling.

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