Home Improvements That Can Add Significant Appeal to Your Exterior

When you have a home to sell, you know that there is only one thing occupying your mind: what it takes to get it sold. Maybe your house doesn’t need too much improvement, but still it can feel like there is always another project that you can take on. An area of the home that is important to invest in during the spring and summer is your home exterior, where there is a lot to be gained from curb appeal. Here are three home improvements that can add significant appeal to your home exterior.

New Paint

An easy home improvement that can add significant appeal to your home exterior for a better and faster sale is new paint. Yes, it can be as simple as applying a fresh coat of paint to the exterior of a home can do wonders for adding value to the property. Choosing a simple color that is appropriate for your home style and neighborhood, and having it professionally applied to your home can give even an old home a brand-new appearance. Don’t knock it till you try it—painting is easy, cheap, and effective!

Backyard Projects

Another set of home improvements that can add significant appeal to your exterior is backyard projects. Everything from a new deck to a gazebo, to a pool, and anything in between are great additions to make to your exterior for additional appeal. Having usable backyard space and amenities is a major feature for buyers and owners alike, giving you additional value for sale and living. But to complete some backyard projects, you may need to excavate, which requires consideration. For instance, type A soil is firm which makes it ideal for excavating projects. Make sure that you are making sound choices when excavating backyard projects.


The final home improvement that can add significant appeal to your home exterior is landscaping. Landscaping encompasses all the greenery, plants, and hardscaping that makes up your yard. Having beautiful landscaping, including a thoughtfully trimmed lawn, nice plants and flowers and a beautiful design, can be a major value add to any home. Not to mention that landscaping is the most important feature of curb appeal, which is critical to your home aesthetic.

The outside of a home is what makes the first impression. You need to have an appealing home exterior for the most value. Try these three home improvements to add significant appeal to your home exterior simply.

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