Home Qualities You Should Emphasize to Potential Buyers

Selling a home can feel like navigating a minefield. Knowing what parts of a home to show off and what parts to stay quiet about can seem like a never ending struggle. But there are some home qualities that you can be sure will be a home run for all buyers. Here are the top three home qualities you should emphasize to potential buyers when showing a home.

Sustainable Features

In our current day and age, there are few things as universally important as environmental sustainability. If your home offers any sort of sustainable features, like solar panels, rain barrels or collection systems, lots of natural light, or Energy Star approved appliances, then this can be a major selling point to any buyer. These features are great because they can help your buyer save tons of money, bth with tax credits and with savings on energy and water bills. Make sure to point out every sustainable feature on a home you’re selling, buyers will love you for it. 

Disaster-Proof Qualities

Natural disasters are a part of life, and they are pretty much unavoidable. So having disaster proof qualities in a home is a major plus for any buyer. One of the biggest selling disaster-proof features you can find on a home is  a metal roof. Metal roofs are strong and can help prevent storm and hurricane damage to your home, as well as sustaining blows from falling trees and other debris. Metal roofs also have a longer lifespan and require fewer repairs than other types. Make sure you go over and now all of the disaster proof qualities of a home you are selling to make sure that potential buyers are aware. 

Updated Appliances

Everyone loves new appliances. New appliances have less wear and tear, and may require less maintenance, and are less likely to break than older appliances. Make sure that if your appliances are new that you are telling every buyer this information. Knowing that they won’t have to update the appliances for many many years can be a big selling point to a lot of buyers. Knowing the year and models can also help buyers to learn more about the appliances and recognize the value of them. 

Selling a home is never easy. Every buyer has a slightly different taste and knowing what works for one buyer may be a turn off for the next potential buyer. There are some things that are universally liked by home buyers. Make sure to show off these three home qualities that all home buyers love and you can get a great offer on your house in no time.

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