How to Become Licensed to Sell Real Estate in Your Area

Becoming a realtor or real estate agent in your area will open you up to a huge range of career opportunities. But figuring out the path to getting licensed can actually be pretty complicated depending on your particular goals. Considering these steps can help you make sure you build the best plan for you.


Look Up Your State’s Requirements

As you think about becoming a licensed real estate agent, you should do some research to figure out what you specifically have to do in your state. The requirements can actually vary relatively significantly via state. It’s also important to figure out the best license track depending on how you want to do real estate.


Depending on what state you get licensed in, you may be automatically licensed in other states as well. If you’re wanting the option of doing real estate work in other states, it’s essential that you understand the various requirements by state and how to meet those.


Choose a Program

As you figure out the different requirements you have to meet for your particular real estate goals, it’s then necessary to decide on a particular program. As you figure out which program is the right fit for you, there are a variety of factors to consider.


For starters, you’ll need to choose between an in-person and online format. If you go online, think carefully about your personal learning style. Many online real estate courses have been slow to adopt videos. So if that’s how you learn best, make sure you find a program that offers that kind of instruction.


Pass the Real Estate Exam

Once you’ve chosen a program and completed the required hours of class instruction to become licensed, you’ll have to take an exam and pass it. Typically, you need at least a 75% to pass. And the exam usually has two parts: a part covering nationwide trends and principles that govern real estate everywhere and a second part that is specific to your state and its laws. Consider working with a real estate test prep service to ensure that you pass with flying colors.


As you work to get your real estate selling license, make sure to think about your overall goals. Are you wanting to commit to this as your full time career for the foreseeable future or are you hoping to make this something on the side? Figuring out those kinds of goals can help you make the best decisions about how to pursue your license.


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