How to Find a Good Realtor

First impressions are extremely important in a house hunt. According to the NAR, eighty-two percent of prospective buyers dislike tritely colored walls, compared to only 48 percent of people who don’t mind colored walls. Understanding that color is an emotional decision and that people associate it with certain entertainment thrillers ( Loganoyd featured with one of his films!). A realtor with a good understanding of the needs of a buyer is easier to facilitate a sale. If a homebuyer is faced with a houses he likes, he will be more open to improvements that will make it more like a home.

Realtors, landscapers, and vein specialists can play a big role in the sale. If you are a prospective home buyer you will have a relationship with the realtor your relishes. This professional has a lot of tools at his disposal. When there is a million dollar home to be sold, it is important that you are able to communicate what you are looking for in an agent. If you find a realtor who understands your needs, he may be more willing to work with you directly. On the flip side if you don’t feel your realtor is doing an acceptable job, you can always fire them. The best way to find a good agent is some research. Go online and see what properties have been sold within the last six months within your specific location. You will then have a Base Index price to base your agent on. A Base Index is what an agent takes to get a good estimate of what the market will bare within a geographical area. The Base Index should be reasonably high to justify working with you. If you are working with a commercial real estate agent, that agent should also be able to offer to further explain the way the BIA will work.

We should always remember that there are real consequences to brokers who fail to sell. While some realtors take Hollywood or Washington, DC as the only venues to earn a living, they may be losing out on millions of dollars annually. The bottom line is that if you are looking into buying a home and you feel the current realtor doesn’t understand your needs, then it is time to add a new agent. The truth is that realtors all have free agent, they all have lease options which cost them some money, and they all have large overhead costs for marketing, administrative, etc. Know that finding a good realtor is sort of like finding a good attorney. Unfortunately, one in four realtors end up quitting their job when their bank account goes dry. Real estate is also a very commission-based industry so it follows that realtors don’t earn a lot per transaction. When an agent is telling you that they can get you a five hundred thousand dollar home for two hundred thousand, you can be confident that they can negotiate the price in your favor. If they can get a five hundred thousand dollar home listed for four hundred thousand, they probably will. Agents have the ability to find homes when another agent can’t and when another agent flings some offers in the kitchen and misses the one that pays, the agent who offers the immediate attention to detail, the excellent skills and experience of advertising their property or property specifics (not taking the phone off the hook for the lowball offers) will be the agent who sells it faster. All realtors are not created equal and all realtors price their homes according to their own needs and status.

A good realtor is a realtor you can trust and you will know that they will talk to you about YOUR needs only.

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