How to Fulfill Your Vision for a Fixer-Upper Home

Buying a fixer-upper home gives you the opportunity to make the home uniquely yours. While it may look easy to tackle a fixer-upper project, there are many steps to fulfill your vision. To fulfill your vision, you need to be realistic, contact a contractor, and know how much you can do yourself.

Be Realistic

Being realistic with your fixer-upper home is important in making sure you don’t waste time and money. You need to decide your budget for purchasing a home and renovation cost. The cost for any renovations will depend on how much you can do yourself and how much you will use contractors. Once you have estimated costs, add on another 10 to 20% to give yourself a buffer for any unforeseen issues with the home. You need to also check on permits for making any changes. Once you have costs and permits, you need to ensure that changes you want to make are possible with the existing structure.

Contact a Contractor

A contractor can be helpful at every step in the process of fixing up your home. They can do an initial walk through of the home to help estimate costs for the changes you want to make. A contractor can ensure that all projects are quality and can help the project run smoothly. When you are looking for a contractor, make sure they are qualified. Not every state requires licensing for contractors, but you should still ask for their qualifications. This ensures your contractor will do a good job.

Know What you Can Do Yourself

To fulfill your vision of your fixer-upper home, you may be able to do some of the fixing yourself. The best fixer-upper homes are those that have mostly cosmetic improvements to make which will make this easier to do. Some projects should be left to professionals, such as plumbing or electric, however there are many projects that you can do that will make a big impact. Simple things you can do are changing out light fixtures, painting walls, drywall repairs, hanging cabinets, or installing trim.

Your vision of your home can be possible with your fixer upper. You need to do your research into the home to make sure the structure is good and then decide how you want to do the project. Depending on the size of the project, it may take some time but will be worthwhile once complete.

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