How to Make a Home Brighter for a Showing

When you show your home, you want to show your home at its best. You buy the right furniture, you clean the best you can, but there’s something you can’t overlook and that is the power of light. A bright home feels more welcoming than a dark home, and you want your home to feel welcoming to the prospective buyers who come to the showing. Here are a few times to make your home brighter.

Use Natural Light

One of the biggest assets your home has is its ability to use natural lighting. Natural lighting is warm and inviting in and of itself, so use the windows and glass doors you already have to make your home feel bright. When showing your home, don’t leave the windows blocked. Open the blinds or curtains to let in that natural light. Use mirrors to reflect sunlight and make the space feel even brighter. Natural light is warm and comforting by itself, so use as much natural light as you can to make your home feel brighter.

Use Color

Another thing you can do is use color to make your home feel brighter. Color has been shown to affect mood. Lighter colors feel brighter and reflect light more while darker colors feel calming and relaxing. You should be very aware about the colors of the rooms in your home and change them up if need be. For example, darker cabinets can make a kitchen feel smaller than it is, so this should be avoided if possible. Bright spaces will make your home feel more inviting, and using color is one way you can brighten up the spaces of your home.

Create Open Spaces

But painting rooms different colors to affect moods and using natural light can only do so much if the space is cluttered and feels claustrophobic. If you have a lot of belongings, go through them and declutter your home before you show it. You want your home to look its best, and clutter distracts from the open bright feeling you want it to have. Open decluttered spaces will help your prospective buyers feel more at home.

Light is an important part of life, and an important part of our homes. If your home feels dark, it will be harder to sell. Making your home brighter will help it stand out during the showing.

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