How to Make More People Aware of Your Home

Whether you are selling your home through a realtor or doing it yourself, marketing is key. The more people know about your home, the better your chances of finding a buyer and getting a good offer. Here are three ways that every seller should market their home.

List it Online

One of the benefits of using a realtor is that they can list your home on MLS for free. This is because real estate agents pay to have access to the MLS (multiple listing service). Your agent might have access to multiple databases, or just one. Either way, the MLS gets your home visibility to thousands of prospective buyers. Many buyers have already narrowed down their search based on MLS alone. In the past, for-sale-by-owner sellers didn’t have any way to list their homes on MLS. 

Today, you can list your own home if you are willing to pay a fee for every day your home is listed. However, this doesn’t give you access to the other listing benefits a realtor can give you, such as a real estate photographer and videographer to show your home off in the best possible light. 

Hold an Open House

Open houses are a great way to make more people aware of your home. Unlike regular showings that are scheduled ahead, open houses provide a window of time when anyone can take a tour of your home. While many of your guests will be curious neighbors, they might be able to put a good word in about your house to their friends and family. 

Just be sure to stage your home well beforehand. Deep cleaning and then decluttering prepares your home for the open house. And don’t forget to think about the smells and lighting, as well.

Harness the Power of Social Media

You can market your own home using popular social media platforms. A good way to do this is to create video content that shows off whatever you love most about your home. Keep your video short and engaging–no more than 2 minutes long. On platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, keep it under a minute. 

You will have a hard time selling your home if all you do is stick a for-sale sign in your front yard. You need to get the word out there and grab the attention of a vast audience. Whatever you do, don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Go big and utilize all of the marketing tools available to you. 

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