How to Maximize a House’s Appeal During the Holiday Season

A warm and festive atmosphere can help anyone—even a “Scrooge”—feel at home. Therefore, be sure to take advantage of holiday décor to maximize a home’s curbside appeal during this holiday season. Here are several tips to help you utilize holiday decoration in order to attract buyers.  

Take Advantage of Holiday Decor…

Holiday décor can make a house look festive, inviting, and appealing to buyers, especially when done in a classy way. To improve the home’s appeal using holiday decor, consider taking advantage of color-neutral, simple décor and ample lighting. Make sure that each room sticks to a common theme so that the décor isn’t overwhelming. For example, throw a garland over the living room fireplace and set up a matching tree in the corner, dressing it with simple white and gold ornaments and soft lights. Make sure that you have presents under the tree, wrapped with coordinating wrapping paper. Then light a couple of matching candles to give the room some added warmth.

…Without Going Overboard

While holiday décor can help maximize a house’s appeal, giving it a relaxed and warm feel, too much décor or overly religious themes can turn off buyers. Overcrowding a home with décor, especially if it is mismatched or multicolored, can make the home look tacky and overwhelming. Stick to simplistic, minimalistic decorations of neutral colors like blues, golds, greens, and beige or white. If you want to add a pop of color, like a hint of bright red, do it in small ways, like with a throw blanket or candle. Remove any overly religious materials, such as nativity scenes or yard signs.

Make It Inviting

Holidays can make a home seem more inviting compared to other times of the year. Take advantage of the holiday spirit to brighten up the home and give it some extra warmth. Don’t forget to consider interior temperature, smell, etc. One way to give the home some added coziness is to take advantage of a fireplace, whether it is wood-burning or electric. The different technologies used in electric fireplaces simulate flames and can create a warm, inviting atmosphere in a home. If the house doesn’t have a built-in fireplace, you can always use candles instead, or even a portable, electric fireplace.

Take advantage of the holiday spirit to maximize a house’s appeal during the holiday season. Just don’t forget to use simplistic, minimalistic décor so that the home doesn’t look too overwhelming or tacky. After all, giving the home some added warmth and glow may be just what the home needs to attract buyers.

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