How to Personalize Your New Home After Moving In

Moving into a new house is like getting a fresh, new canvas for your life. You can personalize and decorate your new home to match the vision, aesthetic, and comfort that you’ve always dreamed of. 

Here are a few ways to personalize your new home after moving in. 

Add Photos and Art

First, you can personalize your home by adding photos and art that will make it feel special to you. Family photos will always bring a homey, happy feeling to any space. You can even hang them up on a stylish, black-and-white gallery wall that will look aesthetically pleasing while still being personal. 

Don’t forget about the special art pieces that you’ve collected over the years. Incorporating those art pieces can help your home to have even more significance to you. Just make sure that you space out your photos and art so your home doesn’t feel too cluttered with something hanging on every single available wall. Gallery walls can help you to fit in multiple pieces without making the room look overly crowded. 


When you first move into your new house, you’ll likely need to do some painting to help your home feel more personal to you. Even a new construction home can feel like an empty, white canvas, waiting for some life to be painted onto it. Try painting the majority of your house in a neutral that matches your aesthetic, such as a greige. 

Then, add splashes of color in the form of statement walls and murals to help brighten up and personalize different spaces. Painting a mural can add a personal touch to your home space. For example, you could paint an Italian-inspired lemon mural in your kitchen to brighten it up. 

Fit Your Home to Your Lifestyle

Finally, make sure that you fit your home to your lifestyle in the design and layout that you adopt as you’re decorating. Even if someone lived in your new home previously, don’t feel like you have to use the space similar to their layout when you toured. Use each room purposefully in a way that will make your house comfortable and useful for your lifestyle. For example, if you work from home, reserve a room to use for your home office so your work won’t interrupt other parts of your life. If you have kids at home, make sure that your home is comfortable and child-proof in layouts and decor. 

So, if you’ve just moved into a new home and are trying to figure out how to style and decorate your home, remember these tips. Make sure that you add photos and art, paint your home, and fit your home to your lifestyle. These steps can help you to create a space that will feel comfortable, peaceful, and personal for your family.

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