How to Renovate Your Home to Catch Buyers’ Eyes

Curb appeal is essential to a successful home sale. You only get one first impression, and your house’s first impression is the curb appeal. You want to catch your buyers eye, both on the outside and the inside, to impress them with a beautiful and livable house. And while some houses are naturally more inclined than others, there are some things that are in your control to help. Here are a few ideas for how to renovate your home to catch buyers’ eyes and have a successful home sale. 

Use Color

Color is one of the best and most subtle tools at your disposal to attract buyers to your home sale. Having a pop of color on your home, whether it comes from beautiful flowers or flowering trees and bushes, or a bright colored door or window frames, there are many ways that you can use color to make a home pop to potential buyers. The same is true when you get inside the home, your choices of color matter immensely. Going with bland, neutral colors may have mass appeal – it certainly won’t offend anyone, it also isn’t likely to excite anyone. Throw in an accent wall, give some rooms an extra pop, choose creative staging furniture and employ some colorful and exciting wall art to get people talking about your home sale. 

Use Nicer Materials

The nicer materials used in a home, the more interest you are likely to see from potential buyers. This is especially true in kitchens and bathrooms, two of the most important selling points of a home. Make sure your kitchen appliances are up to date, and that your backsplash is creative and looks nice. You should also invest considerably in a bathroom update to help sell a home. Granite or marble countertops can make your bathroom more attractive to buyers. The same is true for bathroom appliances, showers, and tubs. Keep the bathroom and kitchen nice, with nicer materials, and you buyers will thank you. 

Landscaping is Everything

Having a well manicured and landscaped lawn and front and back yard can increase the property value of your home more than almost anything. Invest in a professional landscaper to come and give your yard a makeover before selling and you could earn yourself extra thousands of dollars on the sale price of your home. Don’t shy away from things like patios, new trees and bushes, gazebos or even fire pits as investments as well. Anything that can improve the usability and aesthetics of the outdoor space will pay off. Not only does the landscaping increase the curb appeal, it also improves livability of your home. If you have neglected your yard in the past, or have never invested in a professional landscaper, when you are selling a home may be the right time to start. 

Selling a home is never easy. The struggle of finding a buyer quickly while also maximizing the return on investment and getting the highest sale price is a difficult endeavor. But you can do a lot of things to improve the eye appeal of a home. Follow these tips to catch home buyers’ eyes.

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