How to Sell a Home During the Winter

Winter can be a difficult time to enter the real estate market. Those months of November to February are the middle of school years, many work goals, and, of course, the holidays that keep everyone busy and distracted. However, there are still people looking for a new home—and yours may be the perfect fit for them! Here are a few ways to make your home stand out during the winter season.

Preserve Curb Appeal

Make sure your home gives the best first impression possible by preserving its curb appeal. During dryer months (like summer and fall) prep your home with a fresh coat of paint! Clean up your gutters, update your doors or shutters or even your mailbox. Give some attention to the landscape, as well! Plant a bush or tree or two to add some variety and color to your façade. Make your entry inviting, warm, and pleasant, even from the curb!

Prevent Maintenance Issues

Of course, the severity of winter weather can cause major damage or wear on your home’s exterior. For example, excessive temperature changes can cause damage to asphalt. The rapid and major drops in temperature can cause asphalt to contract, which is what creates cracks. Repairing small cracks during warmer months leading up to winter, and staying diligent with your snow shoveling can help prevent that kind of damage. Make sure that your gutters and roofing are clear of debris so that excess weight and or blockage do not cause breaks. You should also check doors and windows for gaps around the borders, so that valuable warm air does not leak through and unnecessarily boost your energy bills!

Prioritize Lighting

Winter months are also the darkest months of the year! Prioritize sufficient lighting for your home, both inside and outside. Replace dim bulbs with new and bright lights! Add a lamp here or there, and consider installing timed lighting fixtures so that your home can look well lit for curious, potential-buyer passersby after the sun has gone down. Of course, your porch lights should add to that “welcoming” and approachable feel of curb appeal. If you want to go the extra mile, you might also consider using small walkway lights or lights along your garden curbing to illuminate the landscape a bit, as well as the home itself!

Put your home’s best foot forward during this time of year when people may be stressed or hesitant about house hunting—with great curb appeal, functional exterior features, and enough lighting, your home will be irresistible to potential buyers!

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