How to Sell an HOA Property to Potential Home Buyers

Selling an HOA property requires finding the right kind of buyer. While some buyers seek out HOA properties, others may be hesitant or have preconceived notions about living in an HOA community. Being patient and providing them with all the important information they need can help you get the right people into your HOA property. 

Answer Their Concerns

A home buyer looking at properties with HOAs probably have at least a few concerns you should address. The first is cost. Buyers want to know up front what the HOA fees are so be clear about these costs and any other hidden taxes or fees. Some buyers may be concerned that an HOA puts strict rules on things like what alterations they can make to their home, and even how they can decorate it. Take time to listen to potential buyers and address their concerns. 

Talk About the Benefits

You also want to make sure potential buyers are aware of the many benefits of an HOA. one benefit is having nice looking common areas. HOAs cover the maintenance and upkeep of common areas within the HOA like parks and swimming pools, meaning they will always be well cared for. Some HOAs will even take care of keeping up your landscaping. Maintaining a lawn involves a lot of work, and an HOA can take care of it for homeowners. In addition, living in HOA gives the financial security that if a major capital improvement or unexpected damage occurs to your neighborhood that the HOA will be able to handle it. 

Prepare the Paperwork 

If you want to convince buyers to purchase an HOA property, you want to be transparent with them. A great way to be transparent with them is to make sure they have all the pertinent documents associated with buying the property like HOA Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions, any other restrictions on the property, and the association’s insurance policy. Giving potential buyers all the information contained in this paperwork will help them feel like they are making an informed decision. 

Selling an HOA property also requires that you are marketing to the right people. Seek out buyers who have lived in HOA before, as they will likely be more comfortable with the prospect of doing it again. With a little home match making, you will be able to find the perfect buyer for your HOA property.

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