How to Sell Vacant Lots as a Real Estate Agent

As a real estate agent, there are many different types of real estate besides just houses you may have the opportunity to sell. But, of course, selling a vacant lot requires a different strategy than selling a house or another building. If you’re looking to expand your expertise to include land, remember these tips!


Try Different Sales Strategies

Since vacant lots differ from other developments, you need to approach selling them using different strategies. For a home, you can host an open house or take your prospective buyers through each room and help them to imagine living in the home. When trying to sell a lot, you can’t quite do this. Instead, you need to focus on the features of the land and its usefulness. You need to sell its overall potential and what your buyer could use it for. Of course, you also want to make the lot appealing even though you can’t have a technical open house. Make sure the land is well cared for and remove any trash or debris. Display it at its best.


Go After the Right Clientele

The best thing you can do to sell a vacant lot is to be mindful of the people who will actually be buying it. Your buyers won’t be people ready to move into a new house. They will be people focused on what they can build on the land or what they can use it for. Often, the overall location will be the main selling point, so emphasize why the location of your particular lot will be the best place for them to build. It can also be helpful if you understand the process of actually building on a lot. There are many steps that go into home construction after a lot is selected. Knowing these steps can prepare you to talk with prospective buyers and explain to them how your lot will be ideal for the building process.


Be Patient

One of the most frustrating aspects of selling a vacant lot is that the market for them is simply not as active as the residential real estate market. It may take some time to actually sell a lot. You need to be patient during this process and take your time to improve your marketing and tactics. You should make every effort to thoroughly research different lots, their uses/potential, and create a very specific marketing strategy that can pull in buyers.


Selling a vacant lot is very different from selling other types of real estate. It can be more difficult, but it really just takes the right approach. Make sure you know the best ways to sell a vacant lot!


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