How to Sell Your Home When it Has Serious Repair Issues

You might be wondering if your home has to be in perfect condition to be marketable. Thankfully, many buyers understand that older homes are bound to have a few issues. You can still sell your home, even when it has serious repair issues. Just be sure to fix up what you can, be transparent, and take your home’s condition into consideration when you set your asking price.

Fix What’s Most Important

It is a given that older homes will have experienced some settling, wear, and tear. No older home is going to be in perfect condition. While you don’t have to worry about every little flaw, it is important to fix up the most important issues. One thing you should definitely address is water damage. Water damage leaves a telltale sign that something is wrong. First, repair the underlying issue, and then have it patched up by a professional. Plumbing, electrical, and structural issues should also be repaired.

Be Transparent

In a home sale, transparency is everything. Don’t imagine that you can cover up the flaws and no one will notice. If your very careful buyers don’t see it, their extremely thorough home inspector will. You are legally responsible to disclose all issues with the home that you are aware of. However, as long as you’re transparent with the buyer about issues, you can skip repairs before selling. This could especially hold true for cosmetic issues. Your buyers might prefer to fix things up according to their own tastes, anyway. 

Price it Accordingly

As you analyze the local real estate market in order to set your asking price, be sure to account for the condition of your home. First, determine the probable cost of needed repairs on the home and subtract that from the price. Once you have accounted for the serious issues, you can then take the aesthetics of your home into account. If your home is in dire need of new flooring, modern countertops, a fresh coat of paint, or updated appliances, account for those costs as well. If you don’t factor repair issues and dated features into your asking price, you might have a hard time selling your home. 

If you are thinking about selling your home but are worried that it isn’t in perfect condition, rest assured that there will be people who want to purchase it, anyway. You don’t have to fix every single thing, just fix the most important things and be 100% transparent. At the right price, you should be able to sell your home in no time. 

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