How to Spruce Up a Home That Won’t Sell

Have you ever been hired to put a home on the market that just won’t sell? This can be a tricky situation to be in as a realtor since your clients expect you to be able to get them a great deal on their home. However, there are a few ways that you can give this type of home a boost on the market. There are certain improvements that can help to spruce up any home and make it easier to sell.

Repaint the Exterior

First off, the curb appeal of any home makes a big difference when it comes to selling on the market. One of the great improvements that you can make to a house that won’t sell is to spruce up the exterior. Repainting can be a great way to do this. If the exterior of your home has a lot of brick or stone, don’t give up hope. Homes whitewashed with paint or a lime wash have become very trendy and popular in the last few years, no matter what the original brick or stone looked like.

Take Care of Landscaping

Once you’ve spruced up the exterior of the home you’re trying to sell, it is time to turn your attention to the landscaping of the property. When the landscaping of a home is overgrown and messy, it can take away from the appeal of the house, no matter how pretty it is inside, because potential buyers know that they will have to spend a lot of time and money to clean up the landscaping. As you’re looking for certain issues to take care of, look out for tree stumps, messy underbrush, overgrown bushes, and long tree branches. Tree stumps on a property look ugly and make it less safe. Taking care of these issues can help the home to sell a lot easier.

Improve the Lighting

Even though there are many different changes that you could make to the interior of the home to help it to sell easier, one of the quickest changes that you can make is updating the lighting. Taking the time to improve the lighting of the house can make a big difference in the way that the interior of the home looks. Try to add some modern lighting additions to make sure that the home is bright and evenly lit as well as modern and trendy. For example, you can add canned lights around the home to improve the way that the interior looks. Adding some statement lighting, such as a chandelier or a few pendant lights can help the home to look much more stylish and modern.

So, if you’ve had a house on the market for a few weeks or months that refuses to sell, take some time to evaluate how you could improve the home to help it sell easier. Remember, repainting the exterior, caring for the landscaping, and improving the lighting can be significant changes that will help the home to sell. Also make sure that you pay attention to a lot of the viewers of the home and the characteristics that they’re looking for, as this can help you to make improvements that will be attractive to them.

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