Ideas for Getting Your Home in the Best Shape to Sell

Selling your home is an incredibly stressful time. While working on moving, buying a new home, and still living in your current home, you are also trying to market your house to potential buyers. It can be a strange and difficult time to navigate, and selling a home is never easy. But there are a few things you can do to make selling you home a bit easier. Here are a few ideas to help you get your home in the best possible shape to sell.

Apply New Paint

There are few problems that a brand-new paint job can’t fix, or at least resolve for a while. A fresh coat of paint on the walls in your home gives your home a clean and fresh feeling, and you really can tell the difference between old and new paint. Crisp and clean walls that have fresh paint give your home a sophisticated and refined look that is a major selling point for buyers. Plus, buyers know they don’t have to repaint once they move in if you have just repainted before selling. It can end up making you a good return on investment.

Fix Roof Issues

Nobody wants to buy a house that has an unstable or damaged roof. Roof damage can lead to leakage which can cause hundreds or thousands of dollars of damage to a home. Not to mention the increased risk of a collapse, which is not only dangerous but also costly. Fixing roof issues is a key step to selling your home, as any home inspection will turn up roofing issues that will require you to lower your asking price or void your home sale entirely. Get your roof up to snuff and take care of your roof to sell your home properly.

Replace the Siding

If you haven’t replaced your house’s siding in a few years, then it is probably a good idea to replace it before selling. Old or damaged siding gives your home a dilapidated and unkempt appearance that can significantly lower your curb appeal and buyers’ value perception of your home. Plus, new siding can also offer some more structural security to your home, which is always a plus. If you are looking to sell your home, then it is likely a good idea to replace your siding with something new to give your house some extra appeal.

Lay New Asphalt

Your driveway is actually a major contributor to the curb appeal of your home. Having a driveway with cracks, potholes, and other kinds of damage is an indication to potential buyers that you may not take the best care of your home. When there is damage to your driveway, buyers notice, and not in a good way. Repair asphalt paving immediately after damage is spotted. This will ensure that none of the damage to your paving will get worse due to neglect. Make sure that you are laying new asphalt if there Is any sort of damage whatsoever to the paving in your home lot to make sure that you are giving buyers the best first impression of your home.

Consider a Bathroom Update

There are few renovations that add as much value to your home as a bathroom update. Home buyers are always looking at the bathrooms, and a nice and comfortable bathroom can add thousands of dollars to your home value. If you haven’t updated your bathrooms in a while, then some simple renovations like adding a backsplash, upgrading some appliances, and perhaps installing new countertops or shower tiles can take your bathroom to the next level. Don’t neglect your bathrooms when looking to sell your home.

Give Your Kitchen a Remodel

Next to the bathrooms, the other most important area of your home to potential buyers is your kitchen. A modern, newly renovated kitchen is a great selling point in your home because kitchen renovations are very disruptive to day-to-day life. Having a kitchen that has recently been remodeled is a major bonus for new home buyers, saving them the time, effort, and money necessary to renovate the kitchen once they move in. You can add thousands of dollars to your asking price by boasting a newly renovated kitchen in your home.

Go In on Landscaping

There is no better time to invest in your home landscaping than right before looking to sell. Your curb appeal is a very strong indication to buyers of the value of your home and the care you take of your home. Everybody wants to buy a home they feel has been well taken care of. And while landscaping may feel like a superficial part of beautifying a home, it is the first impression that buyers will have of your home. Starting off strong with a show of beauty and care in your yard will set buyers up to see the wonders of your home. Plant a garden, install a fountain, have your hedging done, and go for the landscaping you have always wanted for your home. Buyers will love it.

Upgrade Your Appliances

If you have older appliances in your home, then you should think about upgrading your appliances before putting your home on the market. New appliances help new homebuyers in more ways than one. First, new appliances are less likely to suffer from maintenance issues or damage right after moving. And second, new appliances tend to be more energy efficient, which is both better for the environment, and for your wallet when you need to pay electricity bills. Giving your home buyers new appliances can get you a huge return on investment in home value that is almost unparalleled by other renovation options.

There are a lot of things to get squared away when selling a home. The most important of these is getting your home into tip top shape for potential buyers. By following these eight tips, you can make sure that your home is perfectly suited for a buyer and that you will see the best return on investment in your home.

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