Increasingly Uncommon Home Features Your Buyers May Love

Every buyer has different things in mind when they imagine the house that they want to buy, and some of those things are not as common as they used to be. It’s important to think about each buyer’s needs and wants and to have a good idea of the market so you know where to find the things they need. The more you know about even more uncommon features, the better it is for your career as a realtor since you will be in a prime position to match your clients up with the homes they love.

Dutch Doors

Dutch doors are a great and charming feature that is much more common in older homes and almost nonexistent in new builds. These doors are great because they divide in the middle so you can open just the top of the door or the whole door together. While this style is less common in modern homes, it is still incredibly useful and is very appealing to the right audience. Dutch doors provide both charm and function to the spaces they are in and can be especially great options for families with children. They make for a great tool to help parents keep an eye on their kids in the yard even while they work inside the house.

A Cellar

It is also becoming less common that homes are built with a cellar. But for many homebuyers, the option for extensive storage that a cellar can provide is a huge positive on their home search. Cellars work great for storing food at consistent temperatures that can help it increase its shelf life. A cellar also provides a space for storing big items that are out of place inside the home, like sporting equipment or decorations that are only used seasonally. If you can help your clients track down a home with a cellar, they will likely be excited about the storage opportunities it brings to their home.

A Fireplace

Fireplaces have somehow fallen out of vogue and are no longer standard for new builds as a general rule. However, many home buyers are excited at the charm and comfort that a fireplace can add to their home. Finding homes with existing fireplaces can be a great way to get your customers excited about their prospects in a new space. You can also find fireplaces in homes that are gas instead of wood powered, which is an easier and cleaner way to have the charm of a fireplace in a modern space.

Gas Appliances

Electric appliances are much more common in modern builds, but gas appliances hold a lot of charm for many homeowners. For home cooks, a gas stove is incredibly appealing for its even heat. While many homes use gas lines to power their gas appliances, it can also be done without installing an entirely new gas line. Homeowners can use 120-gallon tanks to fuel their gas appliances. This can be a simpler way to bring in gas to a home that doesn’t have existing gas lines. And it gives home buyers the chance to have the gas appliances they need without the added expense.

Large Windows

Many new builds have small windows compared to older homes. And for many buyers’ large windows is a huge benefit to the home. Many people purchase their home because of the area it is in and the views they can see. But, without large windows, the view will go largely unnoticed. Getting a home with large windows is a huge win for many people who are looking for homes in the current market. Large windows are prominent features in a variety of styles of homes, so you can help your client to find a space that has windows they love and fits their style generally.

A Letter Slot

One small feature that used to be common in homes but is much harder to find now is a letter slot. Having a letter slot can be a charming element to a home that is also super convenient. With a letter slot, your mail comes directly into the home so you don’t even have to leave your home to pick up your mail each day. This can be a fun and appealing option for many homeowners, and it is worth looking out for as you search for homes. A letter slot can also be a plus for accessibility if you have a client with mobility issues.

Prominent Ceiling Beams

High ceilings with prominent beams are appealing to many homeowners and add great aesthetic interest to any home. And while beams are still used, it is less common to find them exposed in newer builds. If your clients are looking for a beautiful home that makes a great impression, finding a space with great beams can help them get what they are looking for. Beams come in a variety of styles, so you can find them in homes from several eras.

Built-in Shelving

Built-ins are another useful and beautiful part of many homes that are uncommon in newer spaces. However, many homeowners look for a space that has built-ins for the increased storage and visual appeal. Finding a home with an office full of built-ins immediately makes the space feel more livable and usable. While built-ins are more difficult to find in contemporary homes, they are still in high demand from the people who appreciate solid workmanship and homes with great use-value.

It’s important to know what kinds of features buyers are interested in and know where to find them, even when they are less common. The more you can match your client with features they love, the easier it will be for you to make sales and continue building your reputation as a high-quality realtor to work with. There is no way to know every feature available, but the more you work to find what is available the better it will be for both your business and your clients.

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