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Property Buyers and Sellers Want Listings with 3D Tours

U.S. property sellers are no longer satisfied with static photos and would overwhelmingly opt for a more immersive experience.

Linda McNair January 27, 2020 We polled 1,000 U.S. property buyers and 1,000 U.S. property sellers and found that they are no longer satisfied with static photos and would overwhelmingly opt for a more immersive experience. We compared our data with the National Association of Realtors (NAR) 2019 Home Buyers and Sellers Generational Trends Report and found some great insights into the real estate market of tomorrow.

The first touch point in the buyer journey is an online listing, where an immersive 3D tour can afford a property an impactful first impression. 83 percent of all respondents would switch to a real estate agent offering immersive 3D tours of listed properties. The NAR report reveals that “among all generations of home buyers, the first step taken in the home search process was to look online for properties,” often resulting in buyers “walk[ing] through the home that they viewed online.”

Millennial and Gen Z respondents were overwhelmingly in favor of more immersive listings. For instance, 83 percent of Millennials and 94 percent of Gen Zs would switch to an agent offering these services, compared to 63 percent of Gen Xers. NAR reports that “Millennials still made up the largest share of home buyers at 37 percent” and with younger generations coming of age as the primary buyers in the real estate market, it’s important to pay close attention to their gravitations toward tech-savvy agents.

Not only would younger generations switch, but around 86 percent would recommend these agents to their friends. This bodes well for real estate agents, where “referrals by friends, neighbors or relatives were higher among younger buyers such as 28 years and younger,” according to NAR.


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What's Included with Matterport 3D

Live Walk Through

Move freely from room to room with ability to walk anywhere within the property and look up down and all around. Just like an open house without having to open the front door.

3D Interactive Dollhouse

Properties are turned into this awesome 3D Dollhouse. Gives you the ability to turn and twist the view from inside the house without a roof and walls. With 2 story homes you can view on floor at a time or all floors.

2D Interactive Floor Plan

Unlike most interactive floor plans that take you to a room that you can view the photos of that room. This interactive floor plan will takes you to the room and  you can walk around the entire house and quickly move to a different room if you would like.

Virtual Walk Through

Press Play and the 3D Interactive tour will walk you through the property from room to room with the ability to stop and start anytime you would like to freely walk around. We also convert the Virtual Walk Through into a video that can be shared and uploaded to YouTube.

Easily Share Online

With an easy click of one button you can directly share your Matterport 3D Interactive Tour on Facebook, Twitter and Email.

Matter Tags
(OPTIONAL $20 for 10)

You can highlight specific features within the property. These highlights can include call outs like special flooring, counter tops, cabinets, molding, appliances, etc.

3D Schematic Floor Plans
(OPTIONAL $99 per floor)

Fully furnished floor plan presented in 3D with room measurements. Printable for presentation and can be included on the MLS and a photo. 

2D Schematic Floor Plans (OPTIONAL $49 per floor)

Floor plans can cost .07 per sf of measured property. Save time and order with your Matterport Tour and save some money. Includes room measurments

Matterport 3D Interactive Examples

Matterport Video Conversion
(Optional $50)