Nightmare Scenarios That Can Occur When Selling Your Home

Selling your home doesn’t always go as smoothly or as easily as you previously hoped. Sometimes, selling complications can cause you to spend a lot more time and money on your selling process than you’d anticipated. 

Here are a few nightmare scenarios that can occur when you’re selling your home.

Buyer Financing Falls Through

One difficult scenario that you might face could be when your buyer financing falls through. When you’re selling your house on the traditional housing market, you’ll typically deal with buyers who need financing to be able to buy your house. They’ll need to rely on a bank or lender to give them a loan and help finance the purchase of your house. 

Sometimes, this financing can fall through when your buyer doesn’t have good enough credit to be approved for a loan. Their financing might also fall through if they don’t receive a mortgage rate that they can feasibly afford. When this occurs, your buyer will likely back out of your deal unexpectedly, which can set you back months in the process of selling your home.

You Fail An Inspection

Another nightmare scenario that you might encounter when selling your home is failing an inspection. No matter how well you think you’ve fixed up your home before your home sale, a professional home inspector might always be able to find issues that you didn’t know existed. When you fail a home inspection, lots of negative repercussions can occur. 

For example, you might need to lower your asking price and take the time to fix the issues brought to light in your home inspection. Having to make repairs to your home can be a burdensome process when selling. Your buyer might also decide to cancel your deal once they see you’ve failed your inspection.

Repair Contingencies

Repair contingencies in your home sale deal can also create a difficult scenario for you to deal with. While some typical repairs can be expected in the home-selling process, extensive repair contingencies can turn into a nightmarish situation. Your buyer might have a lot of repair demands or require you to spend a certain amount of money on repairs for them to agree to your deal. They might also want you to deduct an amount of money from your selling price if you’re having them repair the house after the sale. If you don’t meet these demands, your buyer can back out of your deal due to their contingencies. If you want to sell your home without worrying about home inspections or repair contingencies, look into selling your home directly to a cash buyer, investor, or real estate agency.

So, if you’re trying to sell your home quickly and easily, remember these nightmare scenarios that you should try to avoid. Sometimes, buyer financing falls through, you fail an inspection, or your buyer has lots of repair contingencies. These complications can make it a lot harder to sell your home within a reasonable time frame and budget.

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