Pre Twilight Photography

Starting @ $199

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As much as twilight photography brings the WOW to give you the Money Shot. Pre-twilight photography is designed to give a different look to your property than twilight photography. So, what is the difference between the two? Well, pre-twilight photography is best option when a property has minimal exterior lighting. It is also works well for properties with darker exteriors because not as much light is needed (but is also works fine for light exteriors).

Pre-twilight is shot around 15 minutes before the sun has set, when the sky is just starting to change colors with dramatic yellows, oranges, pinks and purples. Every photo shoot is different as evening day is different. Sometimes the color change is minimal, although these photos have an opportunity to look better than during the day as their is no bright harsh light creating shadows on the property. There is just enough light to show the exterior while capturing a dramatic sky. Combine this scene with our advanced editing techniques, we know how to best use the shots we take.

Same time as regular shoot - $199
Return later that same day - $249
a la carte - $299

Pre-Twilight Photography Gallery

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