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Pricing above is after $50 discount applied and includes properties up to 2000sf. Slightly higher for larger properties

Pinnacle vs Your Current Photographer

Does your current photographer provide next day appointments?

Pinnacle provides next day and possibly same day appointments at no additional cost. Time is money. We understand the importance of getting the media captured quickly.

Pinnacle makes your results available the next day including Saturday and Sunday with no weekend or rush charges. We know, in many cases you are waiting for the capturing media to put the property on the market.

Our ordering system give you the ability to schedule your appointment entirely online. Not an inquiry, an actual appointment for your selected services at a specific date and time you select including your photographer selection. You can book your appointment right from the listing appointment. 

We sure do. We understand you are contacting us because you have a question or need help with something. We answer our phone 84 hours a week. 7 Days a week. 8AM until 8PM including Saturday and Sunday. We are committed to helping you.

We do. Download and sign in once to make appointments, check appointments and share your media online    . Search Pinnacle Real Estate Marketing on the App Store or Google Play Store. Making the process as simple as possible is our goal.  

We offer our Premium Photo Series using our proprietary “Clear View Vision” capture and editing process. Click HERE to Check it out. When the view is important we ensure it is crystal clear. We live in an awesome place, why not show what they will see outside when they are living in the property.
Yes we do. We want every photo to look awesome. Rearranging furniture, moving items, removing clutter is all included. Every photo we take should be good enough to hang on a wall in a room. We know what it takes takes to make sure everything is right before we capture the media. 
Nope. We do not use either of these items. Using a flash removes all the natural shadows in the photos and while it does eliminate color cast from lighting, the photo looks fake. Tripods limit the photographer ability to capture the right photo and perspective. We put the camera where we can take the best photo without limiting ourselves where a tripod can go. We do whatever it takes to ensure the property is captured properly.
Our photographers only provide real estate photography. Would you want your family doctor operating on your heart? Or a doctor specialized in heart surgery. We captured over $1 Billion again in real estate in 2023. This is our 7th year in the real estate media business. 
We hire our team based on their personality and not just on their ability to take awesome photos. We train our photographers one on one and expect them to provide an awesome experience.