Real Estate Goes High Tech

The internet has changed everything, from shopping to reading books to how we vote. There’s no area of life that hasn’t been touched by the digital revolution. It’s brought us a dizzying array of services and possibilities no one imaged until they happened – then we found we couldn’t live without them.

Real Estate is no different.

Introducing Matterport 3D Interactive Tours, the easiest way yet to house hunt from the comfort of your own home. Gone are the days of explaining over and over again to the real estate agent what you’re looking for in your dream home then waiting around for them to call with the results of their search, only to be disappointed when you drive out to the wrong side of town to the wrong house that’s either out of your price range or a fixer-upper you wouldn’t be caught dead in.

Maybe that was good enough for grandma and grandpa, but this is the Twenty-First Century. Get with the times!

A 3D tour is a lot like Google Maps when it’s in street view mode. Wherever you click on the image, the camera pans in that direction. This allows you to “walk” in the house and explore it as if you were actually there. You can wander from room to room, back up, look around, and zoom in to your heart’s content.

This is the perfect way to eliminate the houses you don’t like without wasting gas driving all over town. By crossing the bad eggs off the list easily and quickly, you turn a once-painful process into something a little easier and productive.

Anytime you’re house hunting you have to remember, you and your real estate agent aren’t the only ones involved. The seller is also involved. Any time someone comes to look at their house, they have to get out. Finding the right time for a showing can turn into a game of hopscotch trying to coordinate everyone’s schedule. You have to be considerate of the other parties in the transaction, and a virtual tour makes it easier and more convenient for all concerned.

Keep that part in mind if you decide to sell your house. Creating a Matterport 3D tour of your house gives you the advantage of showing off your house in its best condition without having to keep it spotless 24/7 in anticipation of a call from the real estate agents saying they’ve got someone who wants to see the house in half-an-hour.

With a 3D tour your clean your house once for the cameras, then after that only for a serious buyer. Whether you’re buying or selling, a Matterport 3D tour makes it easier than it has ever been.