Real Estate Photo Marketing Strategies are Top Priority

Real Estate Photo Marketing Strategies are Top Priority

Florida is known as the “sunshine state”, making it a hotbed for the booming real estate market.   As its population quickly increases with people dreaming of making the state their home, there is no doubt that Florida’s real estate market is one of the most competitive in the nation.  

Realtors are ever in search of marketing strategies that will boost sales, especially in a market where it seems first impressions are everything.  With over 90% of preliminary home searches conducted on an online platform, it stands to reason that photos, and the content of those photos, are the key to gaining the interest of any potential buyer.

Where photos of homes used to only grace newspapers and promotional print material, they have become the backbone of any successful real estate marketing plan.  Photography is vital to acquiring a show of a property, and in many cases it is the scope and detail of the photo marketing that results in a property’s sale .

For these reasons, it becomes obvious that many realtors have begun to outsource their property photography and editing.  This is a portion of the marketing plan that can be better served by professionals who are experienced in the various aspects related to shooting real estate photos and videos.  While realtors can still use their expertise for the staging of homes for photos and suggestions of amenities in which to highlight, outsourcing the photography can save time and yield positive results.

This race to capture and retain the attention of potential home buyers through photography is producing exciting new technology and equipment that deliver exceptional results.  These new aspects of photographing properties take the expertise of professional photographers who are trained in their complexities. 

Specialist in these areas of innovative real estate photography can assist realtors in developing strategies for marketing properties given their specific needs and priorities.  In Florida, Pinnacle Real Estate Marketing offers clients an array of photography services that utilize the most current tools and programs, producing professional photos, videos, 3D floor plans all designed to showcase a property in the highest quality.

In an effort to streamline the marketing portion of real estate promotion,  realtors are choosing to trust their photography needs to professionals who exhibit knowledge in this specialized field.  Making this choice can save a realtor time and frustration while ensuring that their properties stand out as distinct among the crowded market.

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