Selling Your Home? Choose from These Options for Listing

Once you have decided to jump into the real estate market, you then must learn the different ways to list a property. There are a variety of options available to home sellers depending on how much money you want to spend and what level of service you desire. Here are three of the primary avenues to list any property:

Full-Service Listing Agent

As the most traditional method to use when selling your home, this way will also likely cost you the most in commission fees. USNews explains, “Gone are the days of real estate agents simply listing a home, printing flyers and holding an open house. Real estate agents now have to go above and beyond to prove their services are worthwhile.” Full-service agencies buy you the advantage of professional marketing materials, the latest in showcasing trends such as video virtual tours, and open houses. Experienced realtors are also able to advise you on the financial matters of the selling and buying process. Savvy realtors are well-connected to others in the industry and will be able to provide recommendations for mortgage lenders, title companies, and more. Although it will cost you more in commission fees, the service you will receive will be unmatched by no other.

Flat Fee MLS

With a Flat Fee MLS listing, sellers receive the standard professional MLS listing plus the benefit of the cost savings of a FSBO approach. According to Clever, the upshot of listing Flat Fee MLS is that you can avoid paying full real estate commissions. However, the common misconception about Flat Fee MLS is that you can avoid paying all real estate commissions. In reality, in addition to the flat fee for listing, most homeowners who successfully sell with a Flat Fee MLS service also pay “buyer’s agent commission” of 2-3%. When you pay for an MLS listing, you are paying for exposure to real estate agents — and agents still want to earn commission when they bring qualified buyers to a sale! In addition to the MLS listing, your home will appear on dozens of online real estate sites such as Zillow, Redfin, Trulia, and more. By appearing in the MLS, you can ensure that your house is available for both realtors and potential home buyers to view.

For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

In today’s strong real estate market, it is easier than ever before to sell your property on your own. According to Entrepreneur, “Thanks to emerging disruptive companies and a new type of property-listing platform, the notion that you can be your own real estate agent is fast becoming a viable option for someone selling or renting a house. It’s not without its fair share of hard work, effort, and difficulties though. It takes a considerable amount of time to learn all the information you need, and if done incorrectly, you could waste valuable time and money.” Keeping this in mind, when embarking on this solo journey, it is essential to do your due diligence and research the market prior to listing the property. Setting the property price right the first time will ensure that you bring people in the door right away. A smart pricing strategy is crucial to the successful sale of your home.

Whatever avenue you choose to list a property, it is important to stage the home for a parade of potential home buyers. Do not discount the importance of curb appeal and professional pictures when listing your property. With a little research and work, you can ensure that your property will sell quickly regardless of the method you use to list it.

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