Signs of a Good Neighborhood When Buying a Home

Your neighborhood greatly affects how safe and happy you are. Because you spend a large amount of time at home, commuting to and from home and work, and in your neighborhood, you should enjoy and be comfortable with where you live. When buying a new home, you should prioritize living in a good neighborhood. 

Homes With Great Curb Appeal

When homes in a neighborhood have great curb appeal, from flourishing window boxes to simple holiday wreaths, you can tell that people love living there. They feel comfortable in their homes and are proud to show off where they live and make it look nice. 

Neighbors who keep up their homes to create more inviting properties are typically more likely to interact with you and become your friends or close acquaintances.

Proximity to Services

Ideally, you shouldn’t need to travel very far for all of the things you need. This includes services, work, recreational activities, and other things. 

Proximity to schools and businesses can have a huge impact on your home value. If you are close enough to your children’s school or your workplace, you could even walk to some of these places. 

People Outside

When you go to an open house, observe how many people are outside and what they are doing. Are there families taking walks together? Are people walking their dogs? Are people exercising? When there are more people outside, it shows that they are comfortable and feel safe being outside in their neighborhood. You want to move into a neighborhood where people are constantly out and about but aren’t being disruptively loud. If you have extra time before or after the open house, you can even stop a few people outside to ask them how they feel about the neighborhood. 

Even if a home is in your price range and seems good on paper, you should still do some research about the neighborhood before signing a lease and moving in. You can research the neighborhood by reading through local news articles, talking to people who live there, observing the neighborhood, and reading things online from reliable sources. If this research seems tedious, remember that the neighborhood you live in will greatly affect many aspects of your life and health. Finding a great neighborhood to live in is a great investment for your future and will make it easier to resell the home if you ever need to. 

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