Three Home Materials That Attract Buyers

If you’re going to sell a house, you should try to boost its value by making dull spaces more impressive. In the bathroom and kitchen, you can enhance the design scheme with a variety of fancy materials. Among all of the available kitchen and bathroom supply options, there are three materials that most designers use to attract buyers. 

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Vinyl tile is a luxurious flooring product because it has characteristics similar to ceramic and stone materials. When people step into a bathroom or kitchen that has vinyl tiles, they immediately notice the finish or patterns. In fact, according to RP Wholesale Flooring, when installed correctly, it may be difficult to tell the difference between luxury vinyl tile flooring and flooring made from natural materials like wood.

This flooring material is available in two main styles: two-tone and solid. The two-tone options pop in a kitchen because each individual shade provides a great visual effect. If you want to give a kitchen flair, vinyl tile squares are worth considering. A speckled variety works well in a modern or vintage bathroom.

Quartz Countertops

KBD explains that your countertops are one of the most important fixtures in your kitchen and bath area. You want something stylish yet durable, like quartz and have it be able to last and be capable of handling an active family lifestyle. Quartz for countertops in the bathrooms and kitchen is made from natural pieces of stone. At hardware supply stores, you’ll find traditional quartz counters and engineered options that are constructed out of five percent polymer and 95 percent quartz. The engineered varieties stand out because the plastic resins provide space-age elements.

When guests tour a kitchen, the first things that they will notice are the floors and counters. If you combine vinyl flooring with a matching quartz counter, your kitchen will command attention. Quartz counters are available in a variety of colors, so the process of finding the right balance won’t be a hassle.


Granite gives any surface a classic look. This material is a great long-term investment since it doesn’t get scratched easily. You can feature granite counters in a kitchen or bathroom that has a vintage or modern design scheme because it has an appealing neutral tone.

Over time, as dust and grease cover a granite slab, the shiny surfaces will become dull. Today’s Homeowner explains that in order to restore the shine, you must polish the granite with a commercial-grade polishing kit. If you’re going to extend a marketing campaign to attract more buyers, you’ll have to polish the granite counters about once a month to maintain them.

These materials can impress buyers during a tour in a kitchen or bathroom. If you want to make the materials stand out even more, try opening the windows so that light can brighten the surroundings.
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