Tips for Writing an Eye-Catching Property Description

Anyone involved in real estate knows how much the property description matters. Many potential buyers make up their minds about a property before they even step foot in it based on the quality of the description. If you are selling a home for yourself or on behalf of another person, you need to know how to make sure it stands out. These are some tips for writing an eye-catching property description.

Cover the Basics

Don’t let your desire to be unique let you forget to include the essential details. While it’s great to have unconventional phrasing and imagery, you don’t want to leave anyone confused. You need to make sure that you include the address, how many bedrooms it has, the square footage and anything else you figure prospective buyers would need to know. Run the ad by friends or co-workers before printing to make sure that there isn’t any aspect that needs to be clarified.

Emphasize Value

Your property listing should outline all the unique benefits your home can offer. You may be surprised by what home features attract buyers. You know about the basics, but other items can be equally enticing. For example, having a privacy fence around your property increases home value, so fencing should be one of the details to include in your property description. Research other features that add to a home’s value and include them in your listing where applicable. Whether its privacy fencing or fiberglass windows, it can all make a difference for the better when it comes to highlighting the selling points of your home.

Be Honest

Stretching the truth might seem like a harmless sales tactic, but getting caught in a lie about real estate can give you a very bad reputation and hinder your chances of getting the home sold. If there are negative aspects of the home, you don’t need to mention them in the ad. You can use this venue to focus on the positives while working toward solutions for any issues there might be.

Your property description should immediately stand out while also adhering to all the standards of honesty in real estate. When it comes time for people to tour the home, they should feel even better about what they see. Attracting attention to your property description is an art that takes time to fine-tune, but it is absolutely worth it when you make that sale.

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