Top Tips to Keep in Mind When Staging a Bathroom

Bathroom staging is a crucial element when preparing to put a property for sale on the market today. Buyers are looking for clean, streamlined rooms that bring to mind a calming spa or an oasis. If the bathroom is looking less than fresh, there are some simple things you can change that will help bring it back to life and increase the value of your home.

Declutter and Remove All Personal Items

The bathroom is where people keep themselves clean and get ready in the morning, so it makes sense that it is likely to become cluttered with toiletries. This is the last thing that potential buyers want to see. Just like you would streamline and declutter the rest of the house before putting it on the market, be sure to clean up the bathroom as well. Place any essential products neatly into cabinets, so they won’t be directly in the sightline of buyers. Baskets are a good way to organize and keep these items hidden away.

Fix Any Damages

Take a look at your bathroom with discerning eyes and place yourself in the shoes of the buyer. What small items need to be fixed that can have a big impact? Would new caulking around the tub make it look like new, or would a different mirror above the sink look better than your current ones with cracks? Even a hairline fracture on glass can cause mirrors to shatter, which is something that buyers will notice. Be sure to upgrade what you can before listing your home.

Adding Small Details Can Make a Big Difference

Bring your bathroom to life with small, thoughtful details that won’t add to the visual clutter. Sometimes that can be as simple as adding fresh towels or a new shower curtain. Others find that adding some greenery or small plants can help give a bathroom a nice spa-like atmosphere that will lure buyers in. Remember to keep the scale of your bathroom in mind, however. A small bathroom might just need a few succulents to liven it up while a larger room could benefit from a bigger floral arrangement or houseplant.

Selling your home can be a stressful and overwhelming undertaking when faced with having to make so many changes and upgrades to your house. Luckily, some small updates will take your bathroom to the next level and entice buyers to make an offer.

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