Tough Real Estate Photography Shots and Tips for Capturing Them

Pictures are a key element of the housing market—buyers cannot make informed decisions based purely on decent descriptions. This puts quite a bit of pressure on real estate photographers to capture the most important views of the home. Some of these shots can be tricky, so here are some tips for capturing them.


Before taking any pictures, spot clean any areas that you know will show up easily in your photos. Ideally, the bathroom should be well staged to enable the buyer to envision its potential as an aesthetic room as well as a functional one. Angles will make or break the perception of space and the possibility of your reflection showing up in glass or mirrors, so test different heights of shots to ensure the spacing and reflections are clear. Windows can also make lighting tricky—narrow rays make for uneven shadows, and fluorescent light can be too dim to do the room justice. Test out your exposure settings with a few practice shots.

The Roof

For obvious reasons, the roof is a difficult shot to get. Drones are the most effective tools for these pictures. Solar panels offer multiple benefits that can be attractive to buyers, so capturing them in your photos is important. However, glare can also cause major problems. Any sun spots will throw off the lighting and can make the shot unusable. Aim for these three things in your rooftop pictures: a full shot of the roof, a geometric balance, and as even lighting as possible. Like the bathroom photos, this will take a lot of trial and error, and testing with different exposure settings.

The Kitchen

Like bathrooms, kitchens need to be staged in a way that allows buyers to envision the style and functionality of this central part of the home. Unlike bathrooms, kitchens have a lot going on in them that can overwhelm pictures with a busy mix of shapes and lines. Simplify the space to show the amount of surface area available. This will make the kitchen look bigger and less cluttered. Go for uniformity of colors and open space. Make sure that space and lighting are evenly distributed through the shot.

Photographs of real estate are the opportunity for buyers to establish a vision of their future home. To give a house its best chance at interest, even the tough shots need to be good ones. Keep these tips in mind for your best shot at the best shot!

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