Types of Flooring That Can Attract Buyers to Your Property

There are all sorts of tricks and renovations that you might try to increase interest in your property before a sale. Everything from landscaping to fresh coats of paint or staging your home before open houses can be great ways to attract the right buyers to your property, but they may not be the only way. In fact, the best way to attract buyers might be right underneath your feet. The flooring in your home plays a major role in interest for home buyers. Here are three types of flooring that can attract buyers to your property instantly.

Laminate Floors

The first type of flooring that can attract buyers to your property is laminate flooring. Laminate flooring has grown increasingly popular in recent years, particularly for investors interested in owning rental property. Laminate floors can give the appearance of all sorts of woods and tiles, while remaining a cost effective, durable, and damage resistant option that is great for protecting your flooring. Laminate flooring may not be the most expensive or luxurious material that you can use for flooring, but it is a smart choice that many buyers will appreciate and put a premium on.

Wood Floors

If laminate flooring isn’t your style, then perhaps wood floors will be the right choice to attract buyers to your property. Wood floors have been a classic choice for flooring for hundreds of years, for very good reason. Wood flooring can last over a hundred years if installed properly and well maintained, making it a luxurious and cost-efficient flooring option. Wood flooring can withstand damage in a home with children. Wood floors are also elegant and give your home an upper class feeling, which can help garner attention and boost the price of your home sale.


The final type of flooring that can attract buyers to your property is carpeting. While carpeting is not the right flooring choice for every home or every room, (could you imagine a carpeted kitchen?), carpeting in the right rooms can be the perfect touch to get buyers interested in your home. Carpeting your bedrooms can give the bedchambers a more plush, comfortable feel that many home buyers crave in a home. Carpeting areas for children can also be a great, safe way to promote a family environment in your home.

The flooring in your home may just be what gets your buyers for your home sale. But that is only if you pick the right flooring options. Stick to a combination of these three flooring types to get the right buyers for your property.

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