What Affects Your Mortgage Loan Qualification?

Since the economic downturn of 2008, most banks are not exactly ready to hand out mortgages to just anyone. Unfortunately, this places responsible buyers at risk of losing out on a great opportunity solely because they forgot to check a few boxes before applying. Therefore, the following includes a list of elements that can affect your mortgage loan qualifications.

How Your Credit Score Affects Your Qualification

Although most people by now understand that their credit score can greatly affect their ability to obtain a loan, new policy changes have caused buyers in good standing to be concerned. This comes in the wake of a new CECL standard. There are certain factors that apply to the CECL standard that can affect the terms of your loan. These new changes, according to government officials, are going to begin in 2020. The changes are said to affect the structure and price of credit. This, of course, impacts buyers seeking 30-year single-family residential mortgages as well as commercial properties.

Your Down Payment

When it comes to how much you will end up paying on a home mortgage, nothing affects it more than your down payment. When a sizable amount is placed down on the home, this provides your lender with the confidence needed to provide you with more favorable lending options. There is a variety of online mortgage calculators that can help you estimate the amount you need to put down in order to get to a favorable outcome. The standard down payment asked by most lenders is around 20 percent, but some may take less if you accept the terms of paying a little more per month.

Debt Owed

When you purchase a home for the first time, this might be the biggest loan you will ever get, second to your car. Therefore, it is no surprise why many lenders will want to know and will, in fact, look into the amount of debt you owe. So before you go applying for any loans, make sure that you pay down any outstanding debt you may have. This will show the lender that taking on a home loan will not be beyond your financial means. The economic crisis of 2008 ushered in a new era of more closely looked over lending practices.

Today, homebuyers must come prepared to convince lenders that they are responsible and capable of handling a mortgage loan. Thus, it is recommended to adhere to the lists of tips posted above.

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